5 Annoying Things About Games

After experiencing several horrible issues in a couple different games this week, The Checkpoint's John Curry takes a look at 5 things that piss him off about games, starting with Army of Two.

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BigKev453833d ago

What a sorry day for game news.

BeaArthur3833d ago

That doesn't even begin to describe it. I would rather read an article that had nothing to do with games on this site than this article. The author has to be like 50 and new to games or something. If we made a list of worst things about N4G this article would be in the top 5.

bodrul893833d ago

we Brits have to cough up 40-45 pounds for a new games, thats 80 bucks, you can count yourselves lucky

jAyy3833d ago

here in portugal its 70euros for a new game normally =/