Media Create Charts Show Pokémon Triumph, Great Grand Theft Auto V and PS Vita 2000 Performance

Like every Wednesday Media Create published the latest software and hardware sales charts for Japan, and this week they're quite interesting in many ways, showing a large Pokémon domination, a great initial performance for Grand Theft Auto V, and the first quite flattering sales of the PCH-2000 PS Vita

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Imonaboat13401d ago

HOLY SH*T BALLS ... The new Vita is doing great despite the fact that pokemon X and Y just released.

Abriael3401d ago

Yeah didn't expect it, especially since reports from Japanese gamers and shop owners said that it wasn't selling too much. Guess that "not too much" multiplied by all the shops is still a very nice 60,000

Blastoise3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

If I remember correctly the Vita hasn't sold that well in Japan since the Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star release. Really good news

GribbleGrunger3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I was expecting a little lower for the first week of the new Vita model because it was up against Pokémon. This augers well for a new model and hopefully a better average for the coming weeks. Perhaps 45,000 - 55,000 weekly in Japan?

knifefight3401d ago

The shop owners may have been looking at things relatively, too, without realizing it.

When they just got done seeing Monster Hunter 4 go crazy, and games like Sen no Kiseki do very well too, and Pokemon pre-orders were probably raining down, maybe it seemed like it wasn't a whole lot? I'm just hypothesizing though.

3-4-53400d ago

So basically the price drop is what did it.

Blastoise3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Pokemon X and Y are really good games

MNGamer-N3401d ago

What is the difference between the two? Never played Pokemon before. Do you need both games?

Blastoise3401d ago

Each version has certain exclusive Pokemon, you really don't need both.

I chose X because the mascot Pokemon (Xerneas) reminds me of Princess Mononoke

Imonaboat13401d ago

I dont understand the disagrees ... did i say something wrong? Sigh

Abriael3401d ago

Probably some nintendo fanbois that are angry because the PS Vita did well.

Neonridr3401d ago

why would they be angry, did you see how many units the 3DS moved? Show me a week when the Vita outsells the 3DS, and then you might see some angry fanboys. Until that time, the gap between the 3DS and Vita install base just keeps growing...

gunboss2013401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Nah they are not angry, they are still laughing at VITA fans.. We are close to the normal 3DS sales, but still we are being laughed because it will never make it to the same level..

Misaka_x_Touma3401d ago

why would they when they have tons of new addicting games to play on 3DS.

Losyak3401d ago

You just stepped into the same hole, too. And I'm probably following your footsteps right this second.

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mii-gamer3401d ago

this place is a cesspool of fanboys. Try not to look into dislikes. I'll give you an agree :)

George Sears3401d ago

But, agreeing with him just makes you believe that what he said on his previous post was indeed wrong.

GirlOnFire3401d ago

No fanboy goes unturned. I'm not sure I'm using that saying right. Welcome to N4G. I love all game companies one less than others lately though. PS Vita I'm glad its getting sold. ^~^ Good job all around I'm enjoying some Pokemon Y right now. I'm happy I got both PSV and 3DS sometimes people are one sided.

Ol_G3401d ago

didn't buy one yet still waiting for final fantasy type 0 to come to the west also enjoying pokemon y at the moment

Concertoine3401d ago

Vita and 3ds are a great combo, two of the best systems to own today.

dredgewalker3401d ago

3DS and Vita owner here, best portable combo I've ever had. Nice to see Vita sales going up, which means I'll be looking forward to more games....then again I already have a huge backlog of games for both systems. This is the only time I've owned two current portable consoles since I find that they're both worth having.

Hicken3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Bu-bu-but the sales of the Vita had dropped off, meaning it wasn't looking good. Neonridr said so!

Edit: Neonridr said that was doomed too. So many said the Vita was gonna fail and flop, that there were no games, that Sony should get out of the handheld business. They were all saying it, so it had to be true! There was no way they could be wrong, even if they weren't actually looking at all the facts!

What black magic did Sony use to keep the Vita from dying????

imXify3401d ago

Vita TV next month ! Vita TV next month ! :D

gunboss2013401d ago

VITA TV, it's gonna help boost in the West too!! Many Requests in west, greatness awaits.

tiffac0083401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I would have to admit I was wrong with the Vita Slim. I expected the Vita to remain flat until the VTV launches. I guess this shows how strong handheld really is in Japan.

Hopefully, it can maintain these numbers.

miyamoto3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I admire your courage to say things as they are and admit the truth unlike others who are in denial of it and try to damage control.

The PS Vita will be fine.Sony is an experienced consumer electronics company. Look at how they shook the gaming world with PSOne and PS2. Look at how they turn the PS3 fortress around against overwhelming odds.

Look at how the PSP is still a relevant handheld in Japan and out lived the DSi and out sells the Wii U.

The PS Vita TV is Sony's way of turning the PS Vita around.
Its a stroke of genius.
In a world where there are more kids than adults
No one should under estimate the power of PlayStation.

G20WLY3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I want to agree Hicken, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Fingers crossed this boost tides the system over until VTV launches and subsequently the PS4, because those two events will garner substantially greater increases than even this facelift has, I believe.

Also, let's not single people out. Neonridr wasn't alone in saying that. I'm sure he/she is a decent person and will be along momentarily to admit he/she was wrong, and there's no shame in that at all. :)

Neonridr3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

hey wow, I actually was quoted on here.. lol

Guess I'm famous.

I didn't say they were doomed at all. Don't even bring that crap up. I have time and time again stated that they need good games to help sales. Sure a new hardware model comes out, a blip in the sales charts. But if you think that suddenly 50-60k is the new weekly average without titles to back it up you are quite comical.

I own a 3DS but that doesn't mean that I want Sony to fail or anything. Good competition spurs innovation. I have always believed that. If the Vita fails, then Nintendo can do whatever they want with their handhelds with no fear of consequence. With Sony around, it means Nintendo needs to continually do better.

Hicken3401d ago

You have time and time again stated it didn't have good games, that the lack of them is what was holding the Vita back. You've asserted that with utter disregard to the Vita's actual library. You've done your utmost to claim the games it DOES have don't cater to the Japanese market... have you actually SEEN the list of games for it? There are more games released and announced for it in Japan than elsewhere, and most of them are aimed at the Japanese market. JRPGs, MH-type titles, Hatsune Miku, Ragnarok titles; that's what the Vita's lineup is mostly comprised of. Sounds like they cater to the Japanese market just fine.

I can't remember a time where a new hardware revision created a tenfold increase in weekly sales. Especially after preceding weeks had seen sales drop off considerably. Maybe it won't hit 60k and stay there, but it's likely to be a lot higher than it was previously. And, likely, there are some that will still be holding off, waiting for Vita TV.

You're not famous, and you really shouldn't want to be famous for something as silly as this.

Neonridr3401d ago

@Hicken - you need to calm down buddy. I never once said that the games were no good. But they may not cater to the Japanese market. Ever wonder why week in and week out there aren't more Vita titles in the top 10? Because they are being dominated by 3DS and PS3 games usually...

A lack of titles is definitely what has held the Vita back in Japan, otherwise it wouldn't have had to take a hardware revision to actually move more than 50k units in one week. The 3DS does that without breaking a sweat, why is that? The Japanese aren't buying enough 3DS's to have one in every bathroom because the games library is weak. They are buying it in droves because there are games that they actually want to play.

You are taking what I am saying about the Japanese market and turning it into something about how I think the Vita isn't successful period. I think it's a great device, and once the PS4 releases, I think it will have a great future.

PopRocks3593401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

And if the sales fall again, like the last few Wii U sales spikes?

Not to rain on your parade, but let's wait until these Vita sales at least become consistent before we write off its woes.

LOL_WUT3401d ago

But yet you give the Wii U a free pass lol. I do own a Wii U and as much as it may hurt you to read my comments I like to speak my mind around here. I don't hold it in like you by trying to be a crowd pleaser.

And about my comment down below I only brought up the Wii U since jcnba forgot to even acknowledge how bad the console is doing.

Let's be honest here the 3DS numbers shouldn't surprise anyone... ;)

PopRocks3593401d ago

Get over yourself, you peon.

You don't own a Wii U. Your comments more than speak for themselves and I honestly don't believe deafdani's word is nearly enough to prove that you are anything but an insufferable troll, not to mention a lying POS.

I've never once given the Wii U a free pass in sales. I've only ever been optimistic, there is a huge difference.

"Let's be honest here the 3DS numbers shouldn't surprise anyone... ;)"

Let's add backpedaling to the list of things you like to do, shall we? Moron.

LOL_WUT3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

LOL peon? C'mon dude if you're going to insult me at least try a little bit harder and say whats really on your mind don't hold it in..

I don't like having to prove myself to other grown men over the internet but whatever PM me so we could see if i'm lying or not which btw I could use the time to dust off my console. I'd PM you myself but you have me blocked lol. ;)

Edit: I knew you wouldn't do it keep being in denial then

PopRocks3593400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

And for good reason, troll. Consider yourself ignored as well as blocked.

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r213401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Dude, those vita sales kinda make me happy. With VitaTV coming out soon, i just hope more games are announced for the vita, I want more JRPGs on my vita, Japan! Also, god damn at GTA, even the 360 version made it in the list :D Good to see a non Japanese title doing so well over there.