A GTA IV review by Jeux Vidéos Magazine

On this french website, there is a Grand Theft Auto IV review.

- There is no loading (excepting on the launching of the game).
- The other characters will be very natural.
- Graphics aren't amazing, but they are very good (some flutters)
- The spirit of this GTA IV is based on : originality, realism, coherence, references, violence, provocation, sex, but less fun than in the previous versions.
- General atmosphere of this game is excellent (production, noises, etc.)
- In the dialogues, there are lot of unforgettable retorts, always so tasty.
- Multi-player is very good, but cooperation is medium.
- The content (size of the town, vehicles, weapons, minigames, etc) is rich and various.
- The gameplay is not so easy at the beginning.

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sephiroths_revenge5146d ago

I want this game to sucks so much

Please help make this game fail

i hate it so much!!!!!

anyone else hate it as much as me

Harry1905146d ago

Do you want to set a new record for most disagrees?
Because you are obviously asking for trouble.
I think i'll translate this completely
and post it somewhere.

sephiroths_revenge5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

ok look the reason i hate this game so much. u wanna know. al tell u anyway

i dont hate it because it doesnt have "Final Fantasy" in its name. or because it isnt an rpg game. though it probably has some rpg elements it stole.

*the reason i hate it*

is because of its content and history.

Jack Thompson is that idiot who has been bad mouthing GTA sicne vice city . But he only did it to give it publicity. It was revealed proably around the time when he was banned from submiting cases to the court, that he OWNS SHARES in TAKE 2. I hate its roots and how it became big

Yes he was only bad motuhing to give it more publicity and make it sell well. good thing he was banned from court. he needs a lawyer with him now.

i also hate it because it promotes gangsters. and i dont like its racist content. people use it to kill white people, black people in the game e.t.c when they cant in real life. soem use it as simualtion. well i know its not excatly the games fault

but the game is so messed up and so evil. it is making people sinister and makign it look like gangsters are cool. This is a problem since a chikd upbring efefct a lot. and this game is making them messed up

sonarus5146d ago

I don't hate GTA but i can't say i am a fan. I would rate my excitement level for the game a 4/10. If today it got delayed till next yr it would have absolutely no impact on me whatsoever. With this review i am quite happy though.

- There is no loading (excepting on the launching of the game). Very important to me. One of the best things of GOW3 was no loading so the action never stopped. Loading essentially killed DMC4 for me.

- The spirit of this GTA IV is based on : originality, realism, coherence, references, violence, provocation, sex, but less fun than in the previous versions.
This i completely expected.

BeaArthur5146d ago

sephiroths_revenge...that is a pretty stupid reason to hate it. So he may have experimented with a new way of promoting the game; good for him. I really can't take you seriously though since you don't know how to use the spell check feature.

Drekken5146d ago

sephiroths_revenge, I tried to pick up the point you were putting down... but seriously man, you owe me 2 advils... you gave me a headache.

fox025146d ago

i think by the end of the day, you'll have 0 bubbles; in fact, i'm pretty sure of it, so prepare your new account right now

hamburgerhill5146d ago

I see where your coming from but until games can make us feel emotionally connected everything else is pure fantasy! In ten years from now your points will make since but now this is nothing more then a game and thats it!

Jack Meahoffer5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

So you must not like any game with violence and/or gang activity in it right? Godfather, Saints Row, Crackdown and The Getaway to name a few. Do you HATE those games as well?

Sounds to me like you don't like any non Final Fantasy game getting attention, especially the massive attention GTA IV gets.

You make an extremely weak argument. You might as well just say "I LOVE CENSORSHIP".

BulletBtweenUrEyes5146d ago

Its all clear to me now. So your saying the reason i wanna slap the sh*t out of you for making such a retarded comment is cuz GTA makes me wanna do it. That is major BS son. If you really live and die by those words that would mean you have missed out on all the great action/thriller/drama/suspense movies,games,tv shows, etc etc. Its amazing how when you put those things together it equals to you not having a life. My advice for you is to get one, they're actually going on sale sometime around midnight April 28-29, they retail at Wal-mart or GameStop for about $59.99 P.S. make sure you get inline early there are going to be a sh*tload of people also trying to Get-A-Life

The Closing5146d ago

I understand your distaste for the wanna be vide game thug aspect of the game, which is really why I'd like to hate it as well, but on the other hand the sheer amount you can do in this game has me wanting to play it.

Jinxstar5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )


Pick this up and read it.


After you educate yourself on a subject you know absolutely nothing about come back and talk.

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Drekken5146d ago

No score in the review?

Harry1905146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

Here they are:

-Size of the city:4/5
-Multimedia(tech that is available in the game:3/5
-Co-op mode:2/5

-Gameplay(control mechanics):4/5
-Learning Curve:4/5
-Vehicle controls:3/5
-Hand-to-hand combat:4/5
-Shooting mechanism:4/5
-Camera angles:4/5

3.Game Atmosphere
-Cinematic appeal*(sorry for this one)(includes voice overs and acting):5/5
-Set up(i apologize for this one to):5/5
-Aesthetic quality:5/5

3.How it compares to previous ones.
-Humor(comedic relief):3/5
-Controversy meter:4/5

4.Technical Analysis
-Draw scale:3/5
-Loading times:5/5
-Amount of stuff being shown on the screen:3/5

That one took a lot of time,sorry.

SUP3R5146d ago

From their review there's problems with the AI, but according to all the previews the AI was really good.
I'll wait til' next week to judge for myself.

THC CELL5146d ago

Cant wait
Game of the year i wish they would tell us what console they review it from
would be a bit better

Cant wait for the X flop vs Ps3 Vids and comps

RealTimeWeaponChange5146d ago

I can't wait for those either. Then you droids can shut up once and for all.

BigKev455146d ago

What do the French know?

Surfman5146d ago (Edited 5146d ago )

as much as englishs knows... c'mon dude, grow up.

sephiroths_revenge5146d ago

see what i mean

this game messes people up...

BeaArthur5146d ago

sephiroths_revenge...I'm sure he was an idiot long before GTA came out.

poopsack5146d ago

so you dress to look feminine right? cause that is what your saying people's lives are influenced by the games they play, and you play rpgs. That was lame, saying people use GTA as a simulation to kill people. Its so accurate right? If people use GTA to do that than GTA doesn't do that to people, they were already psycho.

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Maxlen15146d ago

No, there is no score in this review, next mounth.

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