Confessions of a World of Warcraft Addict

IGN AU's shocking report on the plague that's destroying the world's youth:

"The videogame industry has been one of the hardest hit, with over ten million World of Warcraft addicts alone. That's ten million people chasing the dragon, in the hopes they can kill it and score some epic loot. To peer inside the mind of an addict is to peer into the void, where all the concerns that you and I take for granted – having shelter, food, clothes, and a steady supply of money from our whores – no longer matters. All that matters is the drug. All that matters is the next fix.

It's a serious problem, and one which many of you are no doubt grappling with on a daily basis. With that in mind, we got in touch with two former addicts who have seen the blackest depths of addiction but somehow came out the other side. With their help we'll take you through the realities of WoW addiction and the steps required to live another day."

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fox023832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

just terrifying... is this game, really that good? coz I played it and the graphics suck, the game's was boring to me... so how can people be addicted to this?? I don't get it.

And on top of that, you have to pay every month to play the game! wtf!
i play Guild Wars; like 30min-1hr a week... it's a better game (in my opinion), no monthly fee and it have better graphics.

dexterwang3832d ago

Exactly the same here fox. I've tried WOW and its just not my type of game. I dun like the kiddie graphic design and the grinding that you have to put in the game. I've enjoyed GW much more for its story and its free!

Ofcourse I won't say its a bad game... my bro plays it feverishly day and night... there have to be smething to it if it can captivate so many.

Anyways on another note, I really hope Diablo 3 doesn't turn out like Wow...

SlyGuy3831d ago

after playing GW I just could not get into WOW.

DoubleD3053832d ago

There is no such thing as video game addiction. But unfortunately their is such a thing as people who have no lives and sadly fill them with WOW.

I have played the game and it is very much a ton of fun and I quit cause I knew I didn't have the kind of time needed to dedicate myself to reaching its higher levels so I quit and it was disappointing to have too, but it helped that I had other things in my life just as important to me.

To all those women out there who are so called "Wow Widows" sorry to break it to you but your man just wasn't all that into you and you should thank WOW because it would have been more painful to you lose him to another woman which would certainly have happened anyway. At least this way you can feel better about yourself and blame it on his "imaturity" and not the fact that you were less interesting to him than a silly game.

My wife and family can never be replaced by a game no matter how good.
That says nothing about the quality of games today because they are excellent. It does say something about the quality of my relationships which are great. Its really sad that any woman would have such low self esteem to believe their husband / boyfriend really loves them and digs them but simply can't put the keyboard down cause this game is addictive.

They should play the game they're loved ones are hooked on for while. If any woman really thinks spending hours of monotonous grinding is something so interesting they must be ignored for it the ones that need the help are the women not the idiots playing the games.

cruckel3832d ago

From someone who used to play too (lvl 70 Druid), You can get addicted to a game, much like the people who must get the next rank in Halo 3 or do the next coolest thing in GTA.

MMORPG players must get the next Epic Loot, more Gold, Higher rank, Bigger Boss, next pvp kill. It all makes you feel like you accomplished something.

Kudos to you for quiting early, really. but don't be dissing on the person who has a hard time quiting, it is a problem.

and what ever you do, don't diss the people who have been hurt by WoW or any other MMORPG out there.