Japan PSPs come in three new colors

QJ got official word that Sony's handheld will soon be coming in three more colors to suit their clientele's varied tastes. The colors set to be released are pink, silver, and metallic blue. Now you won't have to stick to that classic black anymore. But regardless, what matters is that you've got your PSP to keep you company at any time of any given day. The colors are just a bonus.

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zypher4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

i can understand selling older stuff (such as PS2's) in different colors to generate public interest/awareness and to increase stagnant sales. but with the PSP it will be almost meaningless. the PSP is too new for its sales to be so low that Sony has to commence to the plethora of Lucky Charms colors. it doesn't need new color designs, it needs better GAMES. i bought a PSP twice (once when it first came out, and again right before Liberty City); and i got rid of it BOTH times, with no intention on getting it a third time. i mean, Killzone Liberation, Syphon Filter and GTA spin-offs can only take you so far on a $200 handheld. Sony needs to start taking both gaming, and their competition more seriously, as these are the two chief-most ingredients for success.

PS360WII4465d ago

Yes you have nailed it right on the head there. Games will make it worthwhile, and sure ps2 games made the ps2 but it isn't working putting those same games on the psp. Colors are not going to generate more sales. Maybe a few but not to the hope they see it as.