PS4 and Xbox One launch lineup exclusive games compared

Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes:

"We started by compiling a list of the 38 launch titles of the next gen, comparing the games of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. We marked which consoles are getting what games, and which of those games are coming to (or are already available) on other consoles like Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 or PC.

As vaunted as the next generation is, there really aren’t a ton of exclusives for either side."

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colonel1792807d ago

I'm more interested in the second wave. Wii U only had a few games and it wasn't good at all. I think that Microsoft has a better launch line up than Sony, but I have a feeling the Xbox will end up a few months like the Wii U, while PS4 will have some games. After all, Sony haven't announced a lot of games from most of their teams.

georgeenoob2807d ago

Yep, Xbox takes the win. As soon as it launches there's already 4 killer exclusives waiting to be played (KI, DR3, Forza, Ryse). Then there's Titanfall and another 10 exclusives waiting in 2014. Xbox One day one.

insomnium22807d ago

You should know by now that the games will stop coming after a few years. It'll be x360 all over again.

black0o2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

i'm sorry to inform u that KZ alone out selling all those killers exclusive AT MS strongest market US in the pre-oders So FAR ..

so u can image what's happening Worldwide where PS brand rules or when ND,SSM..etc start announcing their IPs
>>>>>> OVERKILL<<<<<

Funantic12807d ago

@black0o Killzone is selling well because it's the only PS4 exclusive launch game that looks decent. The choice is easy for PS4 users. X1 users have more choices so they're still deciding which exclusive to buy.

MasterCornholio2807d ago

I thought you were banned?

Nexus 7 2013

neoMAXMLC2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

@Funantic1 LOL I remember a time when 360 fanboys such as yourself would mock PS3 fans for stating the EXACT same thing when the 360 literally had like only ONE game the whole year. I love how the tables have turned. :)
Xone buyers have already decided what they wanted... Call of Duty it appears. Lol

mcstorm2807d ago

@black0o You do know KZ is not a massive seller don't you? KZ3 sold less than 2 and 2 only reached around 2.9 million. Forza has sold more than this reaching 4 or more million sine Forza 2. Look at the PSV version of the KZ game this did not hit the sales people were saying it was.

It will sell well but I don't see it outselling all the Xbox One exclusives.

gaffyh2807d ago

Xbone does have more exclusives at launch, but I still would prefer Killzone over any individual of the games in the Xbone lineup. However, inFAMOUS is where it is at for me, and is easily the best game in the near future for both systems.

maddskull2807d ago

i see many games that are for the ps4 but not the xbox one and the ps4 titles are always great kz shadowfall is better than modt of your exclusive titles and knack is great and i actually think that it is better than ryse but you people dont know the meaning of these games

ALLWRONG2807d ago

Killzone and a few indies are pretty much all the PS4 has.

supes_242807d ago

Actually neither lineup looks good to me. KZ, never liked the series. Knack, not my type of game. KI, DR3... Never cared for any of those. Ruse looks good but it's not a system seller for sure. I'm waiting for infamous second son and exclusives from Sony nthosenaremalways top notch IMO.

memots2807d ago

Titanfall , Only on PC

for me anyway....

Gaming_Guru2807d ago

At: georgeenood

Titanfall isn't an exclusive hence why it isn't in the list, it's also for the PC and XBOX 360. XBOX controllers were never really good with fighters, so it would be interesting if the new controller is any different.

FamilyGuy2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Killzone, DriveClub, Knack, DCU Online, FF14 Arr, Injustice, Resogun, WarFrame, Blacklight Retrobution > X1 exclusives

Just sayin >.>

The only noteworthy X1 games are Dead Rising and Forza

Golden_Mud2806d ago

@insomnium2 Don Mattrick is out , I don't think you can say Microsoft will not release games the year later , there was great games in 2005 and 2006 until EA failed and Don Mattrick changed his approach so he went to Microsoft and became the head of the Xbox division , after that no games were available until he agreed with the game , did you know that Heavy Rain was gonna be on the Xbox 360 but Don Mattrick deny it for the child kidnaping reason , he was the problem all along

SharnOfTheDEAD2806d ago

Yeah Killer instinct brought to you by the studio that gave us Battleships, Gi Joe retaliation and Green Lantern... Woah...

evilhasitsway2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

titan fall is basically a timed exclusive cause its coming to pc for sure and there has been talk of it coming to ps4 so I really wouldn't call it a exclusive and on top of that most like 90%of "x1 exclusives" will be coming to the pc they usally do look at fable on 360 came to pc after awhile. sonys on the other hand will only be on sony sytems.

and yes even though im a sony fan do too going through like 4 360s in the first 6months of its release due to red ring of death I will say x1 does have a better launch line up but that is most likely the best exclusives they will have just like they did with the 360 it had games at first then they just kinda stopped and all you got was second and third party games. and as for sony they just kept and still continues to put exclusives out I mean they just ended with bang on exclusives with the last of us and beyond just saying and what did ms go out with call of duty and a shity halo.

Eonjay2806d ago

So the PS4 has more games. All together there are 28 launch stiles for PS4 and 21 launch titles for Xbox One.

DonFreezer2806d ago

Say goodbye to your bubbles. You know they';; hate you for mentioning pure facts.

SilentNegotiator2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

We all know that in the end, PS4 will have the most worthwhile exclusives because it's from Sony and their army of first party developers.

scott1822806d ago

Killzone sf is the only game that looks AAA for either system to me.... The rest are just seem like average games. But I do like that PS4 has an insane variety of games coming at launch, I will be picking up many of them.

awi59512806d ago Show
donman12806d ago

LOL... XboxOne takes the win you say... Well its clear you are a Xbox pure fanboy (which is your right to be) cause that comment is not based on reality.

LonChaneyTV2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

"You should know by now that the games will stop coming after a few years. It'll be x360 all over again. "

As soon as project spark hits i'm afraid that will never happen. project spark ensures you'll always be busy, whether it's playing a game or making your own AAA title.

nypifisel2806d ago

Neither line up is super stellar, that doesn't mean the Xbox One got a better one though. Ps4s line up seems way more diverse. Xbox one games isn't looking to impressive; Ryses gameplay looks really poopy, Forza sacrificed staple racing visuals to hit 1080p (using static lighting, reflection etc). Killer instict is a 2.5D fighter that can't hit higher than 720p (wth?) and Dead Rising is running sub 30fps.. Forza being the only game actually made in house at MS

awi59512806d ago

LOL i posted this reply

Look at the disagrees on georgeenoob that proves that this is a total playstation fanboy site and i been here a good long while.

And the playstaion fanboys got it hidden because they dont like the truth. The fact is the xbox fanboys were chased from this site by a coordinatied PS fanboys debubbling effort and they just did the same to me. The fact is this is a PS fanboy site thats just a fact so stop being a bunch of babies that hide from the truth.

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right with ya brother! this is a point i cant stress enough.
i think WAY too many people put too much enthuses on launch lineup strength. to them its not about having a great launch lineup. its about having a greatER launch lineup than the competition. as long as the brand i choose has great software from beginning to end, i couldnt care less about when that software actually comes, ya know?
the launch lineup of the playstation 4 had very little to do with me deciding to pick up the console on launch day. what WAS the deciding factor was the amount of monstrous IP's i know sony has under its belt that are just waiting to see releases on ps4.

both consoles have great launch lineups, but i dont think any company out there has the sheer amount of AAA franchises that playstation does. i dont need 10 AAA games in by the first quarter of 2014 if it means all the decent IPs are used up.

thrust2807d ago

Titanfall xbox one, can not wait for it.

plus xbox lives network is a huge reason alot of people are getting it.

online gaming at its best!

WarThunder2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

People who say XB1 has a better launch lineup. Need to get thier heads out of MS's ars.

Here is the launch tittles. (preferences are subjective so leave it out)

PS4 Launch tittles 12 games

- Killzone SF
- DriveClub
- Yakuza Ishin
- Knack
- War thunder
- WarFrame
- DC Universe Online
- Resogun
- PlanetSide 2
- Blacklight: Retribution
- Tiny Brains
- Switch Galaxy Ultra

Xbox one Launch tittles 7 games

- Dead Rising 3
- FM5
- Ryse: Son of Rome
- Crimson Dragon
- Zoo Tycoon
- Killer Instinct
- Powerstar Golf

thrust2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

And i think you need to get your head out of sonys @ss,strange that a?

the games you listed...

3 are new good full games
some are old games that i have been playing on my pc for a long time, the rest are indies.

kz and driveclub and warthunder looks great

come_bom2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


Keyword... Exclusives. Lot of the games on your list are not exclusives and some of them, I've never heard of.

As for exclusives launch lineups, both consoles are lackluster... but still out of both consoles, the X1 has a better exclusive launch lineup then the PS4.

WarThunder2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


"i think you need to get your head out of sonys @ss,strange that a?"

I don't even own a Sony console. Im a PC gamer.
Im not going to buy a PS4... maybe later. I just post games that you can play on the first day on both consoles.

"old games that i have been playing on my pc for a long time"

So? You can not play those games on X1.

"rest are indies"

So now WarFrame, Blacklight: Retribution and War thunder are not good because they are indies? lol

I have more fun playing Indie games on my PC than "aaa" games.

@come_bom Keyword... Is Games you can play on the console that u can not play on the other.

What happened to MS fanboys argument of "console exclusives" ?

MS fan*** are so ironic and funny...

thrust2807d ago

Ok warthunder your right!

feel better now?

slampunk2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


I've amended your list with no fanboy attached. I'd also like to mention I'm getting both XB1 and PS4.

PS4 Launch tittles 12 games ????

- Killzone SF - Good
- DriveClub - Meh
- Knack - Meh x 10

- Tiny Brains - Indie game
- Switch Galaxy Ultra - Indie game
- Resogun - Indie game

- Yakuza Ishin - Not a launch title
- War thunder - PC game already released
- WarFrame - PC game already released
- DC Universe Online - PC game already released
- PlanetSide 2 - PC game already released
- Blacklight: Retribution - PC game already released

Xbox one Launch tittles 7 games

- Dead Rising 3
- FM5
- Ryse: Son of Rome
- Crimson Dragon
- Zoo Tycoon
- Killer Instinct
- Powerstar Golf

If you take into account Titanfall, Fable legends, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5 and Quantum Break in the first year, XB1 has a far better 1 year ahead than PS4 IMO...

The bigger Sony IP's will come (reason for me buying a PS4 as well) but to try and say that their lineup of Knack, Drive club and KZ trumps what MS is offering wreaks of Fanboy......Infamous is the game i'm looking forward to on the PS4.....

VonBraunschweigg2807d ago

Both have a good launch line-up and because most consolegamers don't own a decent gaming PC (I think) it doesn't matter if some games are on PC as well, the games can still be a good reason to choose which console to buy, or buy first. Titanfall looks like a lot of fun.
But for me it's a PS4 first, 500 bucks and I'm done untill inFamous. 400 for the console, with PlanetSide 2 and Warthunder for free, 50 for Killzone (there's always a store with a discount) and another 50 for PS+ to play KZ online, and to get DriveClub for free. That's the console and 4 big games I just have to play for 500, and more coming with Plus over the year. Imo that's a good deal to start with, with a PS3 this was not a cheap year.
Of course, if PlanetSide and Warthunder are really that much fun I know I will end up spending money on them, and I shouldn't forget the 50 bucks for a current gen racer this december. They're going to get my money anyway:)

BlackTar1872806d ago


Can you confirm
Titanfall, Fable legends, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5 and Quantum Break in the first year, XB1 has a far better 1 year ahead than PS4 IMO...

All those are coming within the first year?

Quantum break has no gameplay yet. Halo 5 was a cgi trailer so im not sure you can bank on those to be first year.

WarThunder2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


"Killzone SF - Good
DriveClub - Meh
Knack - Meh x 10 "

Meh? Well if its meh for your. For other people these games are great. Like i said: preferences are subjective so leave it out.(Learn to read kido)

"Tiny Brains - Indie game
Switch Galaxy Ultra - Indie game
Resogun - Indie game"

Indie game? whats that suppose to mean? if a game is made by idie dev it automatically not good right?
PC is great platform because it has so many indie games and some indie game are way better than a "AAA" game.

"Yakuza Ishin - Not a launch title"

Yakuza Ishin is a launch title

You can preorder Yakuza Ishin at playasia.

"War thunder - PC game already released
WarFrame - PC game already released
DC Universe Online - PC game already released
PlanetSide 2 - PC game already released
Blacklight: Retribution - PC game already released"

SO? You can not play those games on the X1. Or wait console exclusive are not important now right? Oh and mention this games as a PC game, But yet you fail to mention TitanFall also a PC game... lol MS fanboy logic right there.

"If you take into account Titanfall, Fable legends, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5 and Quantum Break in the first year, XB1 has a far better 1 year ahead than PS4 IMO... "

I can also say:

The order 1886
Infamouse second sun
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
The Witness
Lords of the Fallen
Shadow of the Beast
Naughty Dog new game
Santa Monica new game
Media Molecule new game

"Knack, Drive club and KZ trumps what MS is offering wreaks of Fanboy......Infamous is the game i'm looking forward to on the PS4....."

So your trying to say that Dead Rising 3 FM5 and Ryse: Son of Rome are better than DriveClub, Knack and KZ SF and you posting your opinion as fact lol.

Sorry mate but you not fooling anyone, you are a X1 fanboy.

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Guwapo772807d ago

Sony loses out on console exclusives because Sony still supports the PS3? This article is legit in how it's worded but fails the common sense test.

memots2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

So maybe they should have hold out some games like Ryse and Dead rising 3 that were slatted to come out on the 360 at first before getting moved to the Xbox one. Never mind that Ryse was a Kinect game??? really ?

Anyway i don't think its good business to ignore your current fan base of 70+M.

Jaces2807d ago

It's all about the long run. Launch titles are nice, but when one has a reputation for tapering off need to have exclusives over the years and the other provides a constant flow of amazing exclusives over it's lifespan...I think I'll go with the later.

ssj272807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

KILLZONE is going vs the two best seller's fps ever COD and BF and is selling amazing great!
FORZA is going against nothing and KZ is outselling it.

Downplay KILLZONE all you want but it has pretty visuals and fun gameplay, GG have done a great work!!! And number's talk for itself.

Ki is more of a Arcade game made by a low budget cheap dev

Knack is a ranched and clark kind of game and it will sale like one, noting special there.

DRising never sale well and it's nothing special, a fun game to play and xbone fanboys are making it look like if is GTA lol.

DRIVECLUB will be a fun racer and so will Forza,they will please racers fans.

Ryse is been made by fps devs that have done pretty buot boring games with cheap boring campaign and very boring gameplay,
is been hated by the media already and tagged as a very bad game.

So indeed KILLZONE is the game to get!!! Plus all the free to play game's and $100 saving is what making the PS4 win this race.

If KZ was not a reason like you guys claim, gamers could easily choose from COD or BF but many are choosing KZ and number's are out there.

KILLZONE is the game to play this holidays on next gen systems and you will miss a lot if you choose to hate instead of loving it and getting a PS4 with KILLZONE. You can't call yourself a true high end hardcore gamer.

Gr1mmyshadows2806d ago

Killzone is a great looking game there is no doubting that. but COD and BF are cross-platform games so after a few months KZ will fade away and everyone will jump on COD or BF like always

VENOMACR12272806d ago

POS Fanboy much? Killzone is selling "amazing" because what other exclusive title is worth pre-ordering for PS4? Forza cant be compared to KZ because entirely different markets. FPS have a much larger market than simulation racing games. Driveclub is no where near the game Forza is, not even on the same playing field. And your detailed thoughts on Ryse are just your opinion. It's not my type of game but it looks excellent. Don't forget, COD and BF4 will be on all the systems so sale #'s for PS4 and X1 will probably be down because there are more PS3 and 360 owners then PS4 and X1 owners.

Sorry but buying KZ doesn't make you a high end hardcore gamer, especially for an arcade shooter. I only preordered Forza, Madden, and BF4. I don't think either system has amazing exclusives.

mxrider21992806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@venomar they dont have to buy a first party title they could just easily buy a 3rd party BF or COD and just have wanted the next gen console. The reason it is selling so well is because of how amazing the game looks

edit hence the reason ryse dr3 and forza are selling like shit

ssj272806d ago

I disagree!
This time Killzone is launching with 10 maps! And it will have 6 dlc maps for free and a $20 dlc pack that will bring 6 or 8 more mp maps plus 8 4 player co op horde mode.
KILLZONE life spam will last a lot this time.

Is a cheap excuse to say " people are buy Killzone because there is no other exclusive" people in general don't care about exclusives, they have two other options in fps genre and two very popular, if Killzone sales and is been played has much has those other two on the ps4, is because it's indeed a good game, not because is a exclusive game.

Driveclub like it or not is been made by a solid developer and it will please racing fan! You act like if Forza is GT LOL forza is just another racer and so is Driveclub.

Thats right ryse looks nice! thats what I say, this devs do pretty visuals but poor gameplay, very poor campaign, And that something to worry since ryse is a type of game in where the gameplay and campaign has to be good and it's not.

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Lykon2806d ago

sony have a solid track record of building up a momentum of quality games and good choices. My faith is with Sony. I'm sure MS will have great games for their fans but Kinect will drain a large amount of resources and creative energy. Good if you like that kind of thing. I don't.

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johndoe112112807d ago

how many of these same game comparison articles are we going to have to read?

black0o2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

when those systems are out u need to braes ur self for the the comparison videos

man! they are still doing it for ps3 vs x360

edit: i'm NOT the made GTA comparison and one for BF4 beta as well

johndoe112112807d ago

ps3 vs 360???? you got to be kidding me.

memots2807d ago

Not really a comparison to be made there.

Mr_Writer852807d ago

Errrrm none? As you don't HAVE to read them..

HolyDuck2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

It's down to opinion really.

On some ways I agree.

PS4 will have the best linear FPS with Multiplayer.

XB1 will have the best do what you want Zombie game.

Racing game is all down to personal preference but comparing games with difference genres is stupid.

isarai2807d ago

But KZ isn't exactly linear, guided maybe but if you've seen any of the gameplay demonstrations in the forest you'd realize how open and freeform the missions are, reminds me a LOT of crysis 1 where the levels are extremely open with pretty much no invisible walls and you can do the objectives in pretty much any order you want

Gamer6662807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Killzone is solid...

Knack and Resogun have potential...

DriveClub is probably weak... (Don't tell me you'd prefer DriveClub over a GT successor)...

DR3, Forza 5, and Killer Instinct are solid.

LocoCycle and Ryse have potential...

Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, and Powerstar Golf are probably weak...

isarai2807d ago

I actually DO want Driveclub over another GT, because Driveclub is not a racing sim, it's a balance between arcade and sim and seeing as how i'm not a fan of sims and am craving an arcade racer it appeals to me FAR more than GT ever will. GT is fucking fantastic, if you like full on sims, but i don't so Driveclub is for me

black0o2807d ago

u find KI sold?? u lost me there

SuperWeeb2807d ago

Anyone who says Killer Instinct is going to be good obviously isn't familiar with our friends at Double Helix.
Double Helix are notorious for making bad games, the majority of their games are mediocre and barely scratch above 50/100.

Ryse itself also looks poor. It had potential, but even IGN are bashing that. IGN get to bed with any AAA game and are bashing Ryse.

And as for Fable? Lionhead used to be one of my favorite studios, but I absolutely hate the direction they're taking it in.
Halo? You've all only seen ONE cinematic and know nothing about the game. It could be Halo Karting for all you know... That isn't a reason to buy into something straight away, especially with 343, who have done a terrible job following in Bungie's footsteps.

That's not to say it's all bad. I'll admit that Forza looks a bit more highly refined than Driveclub, however from what I understand it doesn't have any daytime weather effects.
Now, I don't often play racers. And if you excuse games like Wipeout, or silly ones like LBP Karting/Mario Kart, then I've not had a proper racing game since the PS1 era.
However, night and weather is something I'd expect basic from a racing game. I don't want to play the exact same sunny sky in every single track... Especially not if I relay a level, since it'll just be exactly the same, no variation at all. I want rain, winds, night... Something to spice it up and not be boring.

Now, the PS4 lineup isn't perfect either. I still have huge concerns that Knack will tank. But the games that matter (Killzone, Infamous) are being made by actual studios we know and trust.
I can't help but feel that Microsoft's first party is incredibly weak. They have Lionhead and the decayed ruins of Rare... That's it. They've got 343 and Crytek making games for them, but Bungie were stronger than both of them will ever be.
Meanwhile, Sony are boasting Naughty Dog (Uncharted, TLOU, Jak and Daxter), Media Molecule (Tearaway, Little Big Planet), Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, Infamous), Guerilla (Killzone), Santa Monica (They find awesome indie devs and published Journey)... As well as Studio Japan's Team Ico working on The Last Guardian. Despite Insomniac going from second party to third, Sony still own the IP to ratchet, resistance...

When looking at consoles, look at th. IPs the company own and first party studios. Because when you compare the two, it's evident that Microsoft have a pathetic lineup.

ssj272807d ago

KILLZONE is indeed the best exclusive game to get! Fallowed by Forza and Driveclub.

Let's not forget only 5% of gamers can play games like DS on ultra 1080p 60fps and maybe 30% can even play that game or any other f2p game with good visuals and fps.
And let's not forget that mos console gamers like myself can't play pc games. It's fair to add the fp2 games has PS4 exclusive games or to be more official "console'' exclusives. The PS4 has the best and more console exclusive and nt even "5%'' of xbone owners can play on PC, not even at low settings.

Lykon2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

without doubt PS4 has the best potential for games and the best team behind it . I know this article and discussion is about launch games. But I'm really not worried about launch line ups. I know the PS4 will deliver long term. XB One has a good launch line up and some sparkly gimmicks (fitness kinect) and it also has a loyal fan base of xblive gamers . I don't think XB one fans or PS4 fans will be disappointed. I'm only getting a PS4 though

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Hazmat132807d ago

eh preference is all. its not who's the best its just preference.

ABeastNamedTariq2807d ago

WE KNOW ALREADY, damn. Lol but seriously, this ish has to end, we're approx. a month away, everybody who's getting one at launch, most likely knows just about everything that they want. This just fans the flames.

Anyway, for me, it's going to be Killzone and Injustice (since WD got delayed). I might (might) get Battlefield if I have extra money. Or maybe an extra controller.


kinda interested in seeing what they do with injustice..picking that up and alot more.