Calling All SOCOM Fans

TRS Writes: "Earlier this week, SOF Studios opened the floor to the community to choose their first “hot topic” for debate. An official poll has been provided by the studio, and several more will be coming weekly. The purpose of these polls is for any member of the site to have a chance to share very focused feedback with the studio on specific features."

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PoSTedUP3869d ago

i would kill for a socom2HD on the vita...
(gonna go enjoy some socom2 youtube videos -_-)

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3869d ago

Calling All SOCOM Fans

Im here whats up?

PoSTedUP3869d ago

they doin weekly polls or something...
for what the socom community wants as features.
as much as id like to see it be just like socomII, we should hav full weapon customization... idk its a hard call. idk what i want anymore...

DirtyLary3869d ago

And you don't know about this kickstarter!

PoSTedUP3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

i didnt until it was too late, unfortunately. had some crap going on at the time and later drooled an wimpered over all of the pledge tiers... :'/

HighResHero3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Something like a proper Socom2 remake for Vita/ps3/ps4 and H-Hour for PS4, etc. would make me happy.
We can only hope they get all the intricacies down pat and judging by the article they seem to be listening to the community so anyone interested should get involved.

PoSTedUP3869d ago

oh indeed. hhour is my most anticipated game next gen. and yeah david and his team have been doing a great job listening to the community, hes really setout to make this a full blown socom game. every aspect, servers, rooms, the community/clans etc. even adding a never-b4-done-in-games anylitical system which sounds awesome.

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HighResHero3869d ago

I was thinking about how nice a proper Socom or Socom remake would be on my Vita recently.
There seem to be a lot of people who want this so let's make it happen!

PoSTedUP3869d ago

for sure. i wanted to start a "kickstarter" to fund the money to buy the IP from sony and give it to David to remake socomIIHD, lol.

i dont want the vita to ruin the game at the same time (there has to be in-game mic support, not some vita Party mic bull crap)

gaming will never be the same untill im playing a proper socom game with my original COG clan... but any socomIIHD remake would do, for me.

LUKENBACHER3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Just an FYI, per the article the H-Hour KickStarter was successful and the game is currently being developed. The studio is asking for feedback from SOCOM fans in the form of weekly polls. This N4G article was meant to spread awareness for those gamers out there who were not aware of this project, or did not know that the polling has started.

The video that is embedded is just a great, quick promo that covers some aspects of the game that SOCOM fans would find interesting. I just wanted to make the old video didn't cause any confusion because it was originally released during the KickStarter.

Avalanche3869d ago

they promised everything in that video for the past 10years. im not gonna be fooled again

Avalanche3869d ago

it was them. if david sears had ANYTHING to do with Socom3 then i cannot support this. he put the wheels in motion for the death of the original socom.

everyone has promised all of this stuff in the video for a really long time. weather it being Socom Confrontation, the Cold Front map pack. or even Socom4. its all been the same crap.

i wont believe anything in this video until i see my Frostfire, Abandoned, and Crossroads brought back to original design.

and i have NO HOPE of them nailing the gameplay from 2001, its impossible, and it would have happened by now. they just cant do it. they created SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2 on accident and it will never be replicated again.

Murphdawg13869d ago


They can't bring back those maps in H-Hour because they would find themselves in court if they did.

SolidDuck3869d ago

This is not the recent zipper team, this is David Sears, he was a huge part of socom 1 and 2 and then left zipper. Sony owns the socom name so there making H hour, but this looks to be a true successor to the first two games. I for one will be purchasing this game day one on ps4, and will be spreading the word best I can. I was a huge socom fan, I hope this turns out to be great.

flankhim3869d ago

I never loved a game more than Socom.