Pocket Gamer: Hands on with Space Invaders Extreme on DS

Pocket Gamer writes: "It's the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders, the arcade franchise that can't have slipped unplayed past even the most ardent anti-gamer. And to celebrate, Square Enix is publishing a funked up version of the top-down shooter complete with new bonus stages, power-ups, and glossy new graphics. Debuting at the recent Nintendo Media Summit, we took the opportunity to run through the game's main arcade mode.

Space Invaders Extreme plays exactly like previous iterations of the series: controlling a laser-equipped spaceship, you blast the invaders scrolling down from the top of the screen. The D-pad lets you position your ship horizontally along the bottom of the touchscreen, while jamming on the A button fires your laser. Easy enough, but the 'extreme' part comes into play when facing huge numbers of fast foes, new power-ups, and bonus rounds."

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