Pocket Lint: UEFA Euro 2008 Review

Pocket Lint writes: "It's difficult to start a football gaming review without mentioning the battle between EA's FIFA series and Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer titles. While the latter gained notoriety over the last decade as the "better" game, it sadly failed to claim the top spot in terms of sales. But all that changed last year as FIFA 08 thoroughly thrashed the terrible Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

UEFA Euro 2008 then isn't the next step in the FIFA franchise. Instead it takes the solid base that all us football fans purchased last year, and offers quite a number of gameplay tweaks, and a few delightful additions to make this the best football gaming title available at the current time."

The good:
-Extended Be A Pro mode
-Tonnes of tweaks and fixes
-Looks gorgeous on a HD screen

The bad:
-Not a huge jump from FIFA 08
-Takes a while to get to grips with

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