MTV Multiplayer: Hands On With The 'Call Of Duty' Card Game Inspired By 'COD' 1, 2, 3 And 5

MTV Multiplayer Blog writes: "Whoever you are out there, I am better than you at only one form of "Call of Duty."

You can probably take me in a "Call of Duty 4" deathmatch.

You can probably trounce me in "COD2."

But on Friday I played the "Call Of Duty: Real-Time Card Game" - one hour before it was announced to the world - and since you, dear reader, did not, that means I have the advantage. For now.

Yes, there is a "Call of Duty" card game in the works. And, yes, it is fun.

I battled fellow Multiplayer blogger Jason Cipriano in it at the New York Comic Con in a match personally overseen by the game's creator, Upper Deck designer Ben Cichoski. Ben made a good game, was a fun host and is a bit of a tease: he told us the game is partially based on "Call of Duty 5." You know, the "COD" game that isn't really announced yet."

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