Gamedaily: Wheelman Preview - Almost exactly like Driver 3, but without the suck

Gamedaily writes: "Wheelman is what would happen if Grand Theft Auto knocked up Burnout. Here you have an open world video game that lets you drive a series of cars, but also step out and blast enemies with an assortment of weapons. Oh, and it stars Vin Diesel, who does an excellent job making all of GTA's antiheroes look like pansies.

As its title suggests, you play as a wheelman, assigned to protect various people from evil. To do this, you must escort them to safety by any means necessary, whether that involves a friendly drive through the game's version of Barcelona, Spain, or furiously barreling down the city's streets and slaughtering hundreds of evildoers. And if that isn't tense enough, the police have a nasty habit of trying to pull you over, and you should respond accordingly by slamming into their barricades and slide-swiping them into buildings."

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