Eurogamer: Grand Theft Auto IV's Aaron Garbut: Part 1

Eurogamer writes: "Grand Theft Auto IV is finished. It's on the way to the shops right now, in a herd of lorries guarded by helicopter gunships and men who wear sunglasses indoors and keep touching their radio earpieces ostentatiously. The information they're being fed is that you can't have it. Not yet. Not for another week.

What you can do, though, is read over our interview with the Grand Theft Auto series' art director Aaron Garbut, who spoke to us last week about GTA IV's development - from the initial brainstorming and first programming and planning steps, including the all-important location research, to script refinement and how missions are integrated.

That's all in part one today. And if you check back tomorrow, you can find out how Rockstar approaches game development, what cats and diarrhoea have got to do with the game's enormous number of fake brands, and what GTA IV has in common with the game that propelled the series to superstardom in the first place, GTA III. All of it spoiler-free. Enjoy."

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