First Need for Speed: Carbon DLC available

EA, who else, released the first load of downloadable content for their annual Need for Speed upgrade on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game didn't even warrant a Collectors Edition but if you were smart enough to not buy it you can now upgrade for only 800MP with 'The Collectors Edition Upgrade', just as we predicted. There's a bunch of other stuff that should've been in the game in the first place too, complete list after the jump.

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triniwi4461d ago

Oh my god they change 10 dollar more then don't put every thing in he game, come on

The xbox 1 and ps2 get all of it for 10 dollar me on

What ever you do. Don't buy don't buy don't buy don't buy don't buy don't buy don't buy

Krimson4461d ago

EA Sports... "It's in the game" (for an extra 800 MP).

JPomper4461d ago

I stopped purchasing EA games. If they end up making a game that's actually worth the money, I'll just buy used.

Jakens4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Don't listen to these guys EA, I'll still buy your games and DLC. Including the Superman Returns DLC.

EA has a business to run like everyone else. Trying out things like this is good for everyone. I'll explain...If 10 developers see that no one is buying EA's DLC then, they won't charge for gameplay unlockables.

If 10 developers see that EA is making a ton of cash, off of speeding up time spent in game, then, they will charge for unlockables too. Either way, the developers want cash and we gamers want content quick. it is fine with me, and a win win situation from my poit of view. I'll check back here later, bye.

Deafman4204461d ago

Spend your money, I ain't mad at cha, I just know they aren't gettin a damn thang from me.

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The story is too old to be commented.