Videogamer: Race Driver: GRID Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "Codemasters has now established itself as one of the leading developers of racing games. DiRT proved to be an extremely competent next-gen debut and Race Driver: GRID is looking every bit like the stunning follow-up we expected it to be. After our engines were well and truly revved following a brief hands-on at the Live event last month, Codemasters finally allowed us to sample a more extensive portion of the game ahead of its expected summer release.

From the off it's clear that you'll be treated to the same high level of presentation as seen in DiRT. The loading screens display stats while you wait and the main menu is completely 3D, with a similar grid arrangement of events as seen in DiRT. Sadly the game's core game career mode wasn't available for us to test (it was cruelly visible but completely locked), but a selection of tracks and cars were - along with the Flashback rewinding time feature that looks to set the game apart from similar racers."

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