PALGN: Race Driver: GRID Preview - We go hands on with Race Driver: GRID and can't stop salivating

PALGN writes: "Race Driver: GRID is Codemaster's newest attempt at a racing game, the V8's are gone and the game is significantly different from any of the previous Race Driver titles. We recently had a chance to go hands on with a near finished version of the game, so how is it shaping up?

The first thing we jumped into were the single player options. GRID looks set to feature two single player modes. First up is the career mode, which will take place in three different locales, the United States, Europe and Japan. The career mode is set up similar to Dirt, in that players select different challenges and work their way up a tier. The mode we got to get our hands dirty with was the grid world mode. The grid world challenges take place in the three different locales from the career mode and the objective is to improve your reputation and win money to start your own team. Reputation is accumulated as you win races and by playing on tougher difficulty levels. The grid world mode will feature a few different types of racing."

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