Konami reveals additional details on Metal Gear Solid 4

Konami Entertainment revealed additional information on its forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots game for the PlayStation 3 which is scheduled to be released across Europe on June 12th.

The game will be released on a Blu-ray disc containing both Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the conclusion of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid saga, and Kojima Productions' multiplayer-only title Metal Gear Online.

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Skerj3834d ago

Metal Gear Monday is going to be interesting today.

jkhan3834d ago

Did I saw a destructible vehicle in that screenshot? By the way in the trailer the Kernel said that the mission wasn't sanctioned by the UN. How is he saying that Old Snake on a UN appointed mission???:|

PirateThom3834d ago

Maybe it starts off in the Middle East as an unauthorised mission and as the game progresses Snake builds more support?

Speculation ftw.

xhairs3834d ago

You forgot about the part where the people backing snake are claiming they aren't fighting for oil but for democracy ;)

PirateThom3834d ago

I just want to see Snake vindicated.

Every other game is black ops or top level knowledge. I want this to be the game where Snake's mission is known to everyone, I have this really stylised ending where Snake does die, but unlike The Boss, he is hailed a hero.

xhairs3834d ago

lol yeah that would be sweet. I'm trying to play MGS3 and man I can't even make it into the first building anymore lol..

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SL1M DADDY3834d ago

It's good news to hear but it's old news. Just another teaser to get me excited for the game to come.

poos33834d ago

im not interrested in mgs4 at all im an adult gamer illl go for splinter cell instead, anyway i hope this puts to rest the claims and li8es that MGO IS a separate game as its coming on the same package as stated in this articles also my source have told me that it will be included in the same blue ray disk as mgs4, ok now weall know this peice of info plz u sony droids keep the garbage leaking out of your englarge arse cause it seems sony is screwing u guy overtime as gta 4 looms closer you guys are light up like an energizer bunny.

Tryst3834d ago

My god what a muppet you really are. (shakes head)

You must honestly be the only person in this world who would play Splinter Cell over MSG, and you call yourself a gamer (shakes head again).

Yes, MGS Online is on the same disk, its just a starter piece, but you will have to pay for the full online version.

You my friend, my be a very very lonely person.

Its a shame the forum mods just can't give us access rights to this forum so that we can just ban your ass out of here.

hack64643834d ago

" an adult gamer" Of course you are... ; )

perils3834d ago

that comment made me are light up like an energizer bunny.....

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