Battlefield 4 has 12GB of optional install options on the Xbox 360, DICE recommends you install them

Battlefield 4 will have some heavy optional content on the Xbox 360

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GameCents2539d ago

Can I install both the HD textures and the play discs without them shorting each other out? If not, will buy the PS3 version.

vishmarx2539d ago

the best part is that only internal hdd's are allowed.
atleast thats how it was with bf3

Mega242539d ago

it works on USB's too, I got myself a 64GB stick with GTA, Forza4 and BF3 in them, because sometimes I travel to friends houses, my internal HDD is almost empty.

PR0X12539d ago

lol what? GTA5 was the only game that had this problem. And the problem was with GTA not the console. I had GTA5 installed on my HDD day one and did not see any problems btw. I bet BF4 is exactly the same as BF3 with the regards to installation of the HD textures. You really should know how HDD's work before throwing in words as "shorting each other out" haha.

Bundi2539d ago

BF3 had this problem too on 360, please research before attacking.

BigShotSmoov0072539d ago

You know this was going to be a monster of a game just because of the visuals. I expected this much.

darren_poolies2539d ago

The visuals aren't that great, 12GB is ridiculous.

DeadlyFire2539d ago

Indeed. 10 GB hard drive in mine. Would have to upgrade it to do this. No thanks I have other systems.

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pyramidshead2539d ago

Why people are still thinking of buying cross gen games on current gen is beyond me lol.

I'm just gonna tap into my backlog and ride the upcoming Ps3 exclusives until the PS4 is bought.

GodGinrai2539d ago

Pretty much what I been doing. The last new game I bought was bioshock infinite.

at the moment I play Hawken, planetside2 and warthunder (PC) and BF3 (on both PC and X360) for multiplayer. And my collection of XBLA/PSN downloadable/indie games.

its making the wait for my launch XB1, a bit more bearable. But I cant wait to play BF4 with my clan. There is enough of us to fill a 32-man team. Day one!

pyramidshead2539d ago

Indeed, sounds like you need a second life with the backlog you have :P. Mines no where near as bad but it's enough haha.

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