Star Wars TFU Multiplayer Roster Revealed

Gameplayer writes:

"What do Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Mara Jade, Luke Skyalker, Count Dooku, and Darth Maul all have in common?

They're all playable characters in the Versus Mode of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

There are characters from the films, novels, and even the Clone Wars animated series. The presence of Alora and Asajj Ventress, famed for their elaborate dual-wielding attacks, suggests that gamers will have the option of controlling the action with a Wii Remote in each hand."

Close-up screenshot of the character roster after the jump.

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dragonJP3885d ago

Let me be the first to say that this game is going to be a huge success. I've been waiting for some Star Wars fighting for a long, long time, going all the way back to "Masters of Teras Kasi." Officially cannot wait for the Force Unleashed now....

Skerj3885d ago

I don't even like Star Wars, but I'll be picking this up on the bigger systems. Wii's lucky for getting Asajj Ventress though.

kwicksandz3885d ago

my favourite character of the new star wars movies. i used the crimson double lighsaber in jedi academy and a model replacement for maul. will love to slice some dudes up on live in this game!

im also interested in what is the favoured version of this game. the psp ds and wii versions all have there own content. hoepfully one will rise to the top of the pack!

Gish3885d ago

Am I wrong or did I hear that the Wii version is the only one that will have this vs. mode? If that is the case, it will be the first time you will hear me utter the words "i wish i had a wii"

deepio3885d ago

You are correct, the Versus mode is only available on the Wii.

I'm left with the dilemna, do I get the 360 version or the Wii version...hmmmm....

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