EB Expo 2013 Interview: Nic Watt of Nnooo (Blast ‘Em Bunnies) | Esperino

Nnooo is a local indie developer based out of Sydney, Australia since 2006, making a string of original titles such as Pop (2008), escapeVektor (2011) and last year's Spirit Hunters (2012) for WiiWare.

Their latest title Blast 'Em Bunnies caught the attention of many during this year's EB Expo, even featuring at the Sony PlayStation booth. Hangie had the chance to catch up with Nnooo's Creative Director Nic Watt to learn more about their endless fuzzy shooter.

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zhgk32582570d ago

Bunny has attracted many at this year's world expo, even by EB in SONY PlayStation booth. I am also very like bunny's image