The Last of Us might be our Game of the Year. Here's why.

Last of Us might be my Game of the Year.

Firstly, I despise the notion of Game of the Year; I prefer to adopt a more broad, inclusive, and frankly enjoyable approach, as you can see here in my 2012 wrap-up. But for arguments sake, let us say that I'm zeroing in on a game for all-round artfulness, narrative density and staggering character development. That game is perilously close to being The Last of Us, the critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive title from Naughty Dog, the geniuses behind the Uncharted trilogy.

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GarrusVakarian2848d ago

Game of the year?

Hell, i'd put it on my game of the generation list.

Id even go so far as to include it on my best games of all time list.

fpshooter22848d ago

Im with you on that. TLoU is nothing short of amazing. A true masterpiece.

Rimeskeem2848d ago

I hate the xbox people that try to say its over rated and not say the mechanics and such are bad when we all know they are pissed that this was an exclusive that they missed out on

Angels37852848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

This is a very good read. You really have to experience The Last of Us to understand his points...I nodded throughout the entire time I read this. This game really is deserving....and if it wins game of the year (this year above all years) it is one of the best games of the generation...this year has been staggering.

gamertk4212848d ago

My list of games of this Gen would be:
Uncharted 2
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect
Gears of War
Red Faction Guerilla

Rimeskeem2848d ago

GTA5 or Fallout 3 or Battlefield 3 or Batman Arkham City

honestly there are too many amazing games this gen and next gen looks to amp it up

ginsunuva2847d ago

Not Red Faction or Skyrim

trancefreak2848d ago

I just came in here to say something similar. Definitely the top of this gen for me. It is actually capping it off for me so sweetly, as I move on to the Ps4

kneon2848d ago

TLOU is terrible.

It's terrible because it's ruined nearly all other games for me. Since finishing it (at least 5 times) every game I try to play just seems so lame in comparison.

GarrusVakarian2848d ago

Lol yeah, seems you're suffering from 'TLOU syndrome' where everything else pails in comparison and leaves you depressed/suicidal.

Ezz20132848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

oh, you got me there. :P
but i know how that feel

BullyMangler2848d ago

but now that we know that the new Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is coming out the same year as Laso Of Us, GTA V we know who takes the crown for being them most INVENTIVE STORY GRAFIX . . game of the AGES award lol GTA V, THE lasf of US generics ? rrriiiiiiteee .

zpoc2848d ago

...what language are you speaking?

zpoc2848d ago

yup, game of the generation as far as i'm concerned.

assdan2848d ago

I think it's one of the best games I've ever played, and I'd argue it's game of the generation as well. It was just so amazing in every way I can think of. I know that the big contenders will be GTAV, Bioshock infinite, and TLOU. TLOU should definitely be the winner.

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Corpser2848d ago

Somebody haven't played GTA 5

iamnsuperman2848d ago

Somebody hasn't played The Last of Us :P

Shadow Man2848d ago

Both GTV and TLOU are great games but I would defenetly pick TLOU for game of the year.

sloth33952848d ago

GTA 5 is a number while the last of us is the first one

Benjammin252848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

While I'm getting a bit tired of these 'This number is such and such, which means it's better' comments, I have to agree with you there. The Last Of Us is my favourite game of all time. Everything just came together perfectly for that game. And I can't believe how much I love Joel and Ellie. Easily my two favourite game characters. I've finished TLOU four times in the space of a few months. Never done that with a game before. But I hope people remember GTA5 too. It really is a superb and technically astonishing game. And behind those two, we have Bioshock Infinite, another little gem. Bit overrated, but a lot to enjoy. Three 95+ scoring games this year alone. Not a bad way to end this console generation I think you'll agree.

Enemy2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

I finished GTA5, actually. The Last of Us still eats it.

GTA is GTA. I've played 5 different versions of the same game now.

infinitewords2848d ago

Thank you. While I still think GTA5 is a great game, it fails in comparison to The Last of Us.

GarrusVakarian2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

"GTA is GTA. I've played 5 different versions of the same game now."

You realise that statements goes for every other game too, right? Every game and its sequels/prequels are pretty much the same game with different characters/setting/features.

Lets all just not bother to play anything past the first game in a franchise then.


GribbleGrunger2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Same here. In fact I think it's an insult to compare GTA5 to TLOU. It's like comparing a popcorn movie to an Oscar winner (and I'm not exaggerating to prove a point)

jukins2848d ago

@lukas_Japonicus i don't think he was saying anything remotely close to what your statement implies. Yes in a sense all with sequels/prequels are the same game, but i dont think that means you shouldnt play them.

I think simply what he was saying all the gta's are very similar to each other, and that last of us is the better game.

Bathyj2848d ago

Agreed. GTA while improved is still just GTA. I had a great time with it, but it didnt leave a lasting impression on me.

I finished it and now I'm bored with it. I will wait a little while (probably til next year when I'm done with Killzone, Watchdogs and inFamous) and then give it a second playthrough.

With the Last of Us as soon as I finished it I started again. As soon as I finished the 2nd time, I started again. I dont think I've ever done that with a game before. At least not that I can remember.

Easily my Game of the Year. Its an experience that will stay with me for years.

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OrangePowerz2848d ago

Don't get me wrong GTA 5 is a great game, but it's GTA. Another game in the series and the online was horrible. For the online launch alone they don't deserve so devs learn to launch something that doesn't work.

Golden_Mud2848d ago

You mean 13 million people playing in the same time was ok to handle ? Rockstar already said before the launch that they'll have trouble on the first day so please just shut up

OrangePowerz2848d ago

I would let that slide if GTA Online would have been available at the launch of the day, but it wasn`t and they know how many copies they sold on day one and could have taken action to ensure that the Online will run smoother.

Two weeks later I still have problems and get occasional crashes when playing online so it clearly is more than "trouble on the first day". They had to release patches for GTA Online so the problem isn`t only down to the servers either but issues with the game itself.

GarrusVakarian2848d ago

Huge GTA fan here (understatement) and each game has it strong points but it pains to me to say TLOU is the better game in my opinion.

porkChop2848d ago

Both games are amazing, and they both equally deserve to be GoTY. However, the one thing that could hurt GTA5 is GTA Online. As much as Rockstar wants to claim they're different games, they aren't. Same disc, same world, same graphics, same assets, same launcher. They're both part of the same game.

ZBlacktt2848d ago

Not even remotely close at all........ at all.

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Mr_cheese2848d ago

The story was good in GTA but it didn't have me emotionally involved like TLOU. However, I believe character of the year goes to Trevor by a long shot!

Angels37852848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

If it wins this year with this competition it really is game of the generation

Rimeskeem2848d ago

Can we just give multiple games game of the year so we dont have to do this fighting

Morgue2848d ago

I thought the game was killer, totally sucked me in. Started a 2nd play through but quit midway through and haven't even played the multiplayer which goes to show how much I play online.

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