Kingdom Hearts III Has Riku Making A Return, New Outfits, And More

This weekend, Disney held this year’s D23 Expo, where a special “Kingdom Hearts Limited Stage” event was held earlier today in the Maihama Ampitheater at the Tokyo Disney Resort. During the event, Square Enix shared a few tidbits of information on Kingdom Hearts III. FF-Reunion shares their report of the event.

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ZHZ902902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

If Riku will be playable it'll be cool if so.

-Foxtrot2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Still a little miffed about what apparently happens in KH3 with Rikku, I havent played it but my friend was telling me since I never had a 3DS at the time


Despite loosing his heart to the darkness, trying to kill Sora and his friends, destroy all worlds and becoming an obstacle to Sora over and over again...HE became a Keyblade Master while Sora failed the test.

I mean WTF...I know Sora wasn't supposed to wield the Keyblade but it shows you how much more Sora deserved to become a Master. He saved all worlds TWICE, stopped all the villains, protected people/worlds, managed to break free of becoming a heartless, had the purest heart AND he wasn't even meant to have the Keyblade, hell thats impressive. Overall after one mistake which Rikku had to help him out with, Sora then fails and Rikku passes. Come on, I think Sora has proven himself enough. Rikku is the one who should of had to prove himself, hell that could of made a spin off for the PSV.

So yeah story wise after everything Sora has done it's a bit of a p*** take. I hope we don't see Rikku thinking he's all "high and mighty" above Sora because of this. I've kicked his ass many times with Sora and I could do it again.

M-M2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )


Riku already proved himself, he deserved to be a Keyblade master. Sora did his part by saving worlds, and Riku did his part(with the help of Mickey) by containing the darkness. Sora will become a keyblade master later on(maybe, read on), or he will become the King of Kingdom Hearts(my prediction), so obviously he didn't become a Keyblade master because there is probably something much bigger that lies ahead for him.

-Foxtrot2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

He deserved to be he bloody didn't. After all the crap he did, he's barely made it up and the only reason he closed the Kingdom Hearts door at the end was because he was trapped there apparently with Mickey.

Rikku hasn't done enough to prove himself, closing a door doesn't really compare to saving all worlds from destruction like twice. Especialy when it's mostly your fault that it's been opened in the first place

LoneWolf0192902d ago

He saved sora, so that proves something >_> how bout go play the game or youtube it before you talk about Riku not earning his status

maximus19852902d ago

think about it. now it gives you something to strive for in KH 3 instead of being over powered

Taislin2902d ago



Actually Sora is the big dumbass in DDD. He spends the whole game playing right into the villains, and Riku is the one who saves him by going against everything and everyone, even Sora himself, so yeah, I guess he deserves the title. Furthermore, if not for Riku´s and Ansem´s efforts during 356/2 Days, Sora would have never gotten his memories back and the Organization would have gained a puppet that would create Kingdom Hearts for them. He even went as far as sacrificing his body (turning into SOD Ansem) just so Sora could wake up. If that´s not reedeming oneself I don´t know what is. He´s just as loyal and pure hearted as Sora. He just had a bumpy start, but he´s been climbing up ever since. Anyway, in my view, both should have gotten the title, but I think there can only be one Master appointed per test.

no_more_heroes2902d ago

"It's just, they really need me. I have to go. I am who I am because of them."

So, obviously Sora's gonna (at least try to) save/help Terra, Aqua and Ventus, right? Wonder what will come of it?

I doubt he'd be referring to the dream eaters.

Shang-Long2902d ago

After you play khddd
You Really Get a feel for how far riku has come and how much sora needs to catch uo. I understand why your worried but its a great spin. It pushes sora to grown and be better. You See his strength in the game but his wweakness show wayy more

serratos272902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I havent played DDD but seems like I understand what happened more than you lol as well as how much Riku has grown as a character. Have you played BBS? Terra failed at becoming a keyboard master because he had succumbed to the darkness. Which is KIND OF what happened to Sora. Don't forget Riku went through Hell but he redeemed himself over time. Since the beginning of KH2!! In DDS Sora fails his mark of mastery because he's yet to keep the darkness away. He didn't experience what Riku did, falling into darkness, and that's what made a difference. Riku was more wary of the darkness.
If Sora would have earned his mark then where would that leave us in KH3? I like the idea of Sora feeling/having to prove himself as a true keyblade wielder. He'll redeem himself. You make it sound as though him failing degrades him. Haha that doesn't make him any less badass.

-Foxtrot2902d ago

"He didn't experience what Riku did, falling into darkness, and that's what made a difference"

The guy turned into a heartless....a heartless, that's like the definition of experiencing the darkness in KH.

I'm sorry but despite everything Rikku has "apparently" done since KH2, Sora still has him beat in my opinion. Rikku is the one to catch up. Just because Sora f***** up once then we're supposed to forget everything he did, no I don't think so.

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LAWSON722902d ago

Pokemon compared to KH character?

infinitewords2902d ago

I hope Riku isn't a playable character, didn't really care for DDD because of him.

thelaughingwiseman2902d ago

I just don't like how the screen writers for the game force the story so Riku becomes a Master of the Keyblade. That got on my nerves. Sora has done way more stuff deserving, but no, sense Riku is suppose to be Sora's measuring stick (for no reason) he earns Master Keyblader because he is able to save Sora...

SugarSoSweet2902d ago

I don't care too much for Riku. Sora is the much better character and the more Sora the better

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