Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us sequel on PS4 intensifies

A recent conversation with Chris Ashimine, who works for Sony Japan Studio’s, has thrown the cat among the pigeons in terms of the next game from Naughty Dog for the PS4. He had been asked about the future of Uncharted, and it was his reply that has gained our interest.

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Chupa-Chupa2842d ago

Uncharted 4. I think the last Uncharted (3) was the weaker of the 3 in terms of story. It's time for a next-gen Uncharted coupled with a great story.

Abash2842d ago

I want to see Uncharted 4 and Jak 4 before a sequel to The Last of Us

Ezz20132842d ago

i think it's going to be either Uncharted 4 or another new ip and then the last of us 2

-Foxtrot2842d ago

Hopefully if it's Jak 4 they WON'T reboot it...because that's what they said before they did the Last of Us, a rebooted Jak game

Why on earth would they want to reboot it, there's still so many stories they could tell.

Hope it's open world though like Jak 2 and Jak 3 with lots of stuff to do off missions like GTA. Not a GTA clone but something just as fun. Theres one thing they have over GTA in the open world department, they don't have to make Jak 4 realistic and try to ground things to reality

crxss2842d ago

Uncharted 4 indeed. They need to make up for uncharted 3 and tlou is still very fresh in the mind. Uncharted also has better multiplayer :)

minimur122842d ago

I'm going to vote for TLOU sequel, as much as I loved UC, Drake looked pretty old in 3 and imagine what he'll look like now xD

TLOU sequel could be a whole new set of characters however, and a whole new story :)

AngryTypingGuy2841d ago

No need to rush The Last of Us. I'd say every 3 years for a sequel is about right. Give people a chance to build anticipation and give the developers a chance to put together a masterpiece.

Kingthrash3602841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

it will be like this according to ND pattern
ps1 crash
ps2 jak
ps3 uncharted
ps4? tlou sequal maybe? new ip? but maybe not uncharted..they tend to leave big time games with the gen they defined. i want all of the above (crash sold off tho) on ps4 but ND pattern so far is clear.
what ever they do tho, will be successful. these guys are the top devs i have no doubt they will bring it.

Rimeskeem2841d ago

not even a crash bandicoot was mentioned so im making this happen

Killjoy30002841d ago


I'm sorry guys, but it's getting ridiculous. ND have matured far past anything they can convey through yet another Jak game.

It's like the people that STILL WANT a Spyro/Crash game. Give it a rest. You're only requesting it for nostalgia's sake, when deep down you know you want either U4, TLoU2, or a new ip.

ion532841d ago

Am I still the only one who wants a prequel to TLoU? Like with Tommy and Joel. How he met Tess. Tess' life before she met Joel.

smashman982841d ago

@killjoy- way to live up to the name

abzdine2841d ago

Whatever made by ND will catch my attention.

LordDhampire2841d ago

Please everyone stop with the Jak, Jak is garbage.....for a specific lame gamer.....The last of us and uncharted are games everyone can enjoy

BlackTar1872841d ago

i hope its not Jak4 . Games are fun but im not looking forward to a sequel this late and i'm not in a rush to buy a game like that anymore.

Please be something new IP worthy.

I would take LoU 2 as well.

I think we had enough Uncharted for the last 10 yrs.

Anon19742841d ago

I love the Last of Us but I've got to say, I'm not looking forward to a sequel. I loved the way it ended and don't think the story needs a "What happens next!"

However, if they want to do a Last of Us game set in the same universe with new characters and a new story arc, I'd be all over that.

Army_of_Darkness2841d ago

Uncharted 4 or tlou 2 would be awesome either way.

DoctorJones2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Hopefully they'll make a new ip, UC is done and dusted, they couldn't improve on UC2, and The Last of Us is its own self contained story.

Please don't listen to these fools, make something better ND.


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-Foxtrot2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I would like to see Uncharted 4 only this time I want them to balance the character development out like Uncharted 2 while making it a Drake and Elena story. Three games we've had of Elena popping up half way through the story well enough is enough I want to see her with him from the start, both of them going on the adventure together and not because Elena is roped into it but because she wants to.

I kind of would like to see flashbacks explaining gaps such as why she left him after Drakes Fortune/Among Thieves, how did he propose, what was the wedding like, how does she know Charlie Cutter, have they been on smaller adventures together etc. For example what if there wedding was crashed by people wanting to kill Drake and they nearly die which is when Elena starts to question Drakes treasure hunting adventures and perhaps think it's time he lets go because thats the kind of hint she was giving him in Uncharted 3, although she did warm up to the whole idea in the end and I think it's because she loves him too much. You can't change someone like Drake and I think she knows that

It would be fantastic character development and they could even do some more back story on Elena, if Drake is shrouded in mystery then maybe we can get a look into Elena's life. We've only had a little bit of back story on her but not much to go on.

hellzsupernova2841d ago

But she wouldn't want to, she hates the idea of drake doing any of this adventuring stuff.

-Foxtrot2841d ago

As I've said maybe she knows she can't stop him, hell maybe she kind of likes it aswell. Thats the point of flashbacks they have to have something they've experienced to make Elena get a little scared of Drakes constant dangerous adventures. I mean she was with him all through Among Thieves, even nearly dying in the end but she still went with him now all of a sudden she's out of the game. Doesn't sound very Elena like.

cell9892842d ago

Uncharted 3 was amazing why do people bring it down like that

RytGear2842d ago

It was really good but after the masterpiece that was Uncharted 2, they set the bar a little too high and couldn't top it in Uncharted 3.

pyramidshead2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

While I personally enjoyed it, I think the journey to Shambhala was a lil more impressive than the Journey to the city of brass. Although when you got there the city of brass that vista when you finally got there was stunning.

If uncharted 4 is on the cards I can't wait to see what they'll be recreating next. I don't think Atlantis has been done yet :P.

KwietStorm_BLM2841d ago

It was because Uncharted 2 was so good, and that's it. Uncharted 3 was a great game, but people were spoiled by the previous one, so they had complaints. The only real drawback was that we had done it before, so the wow factor wasn't there, but I completely disagree when people say the story was what lacked. I thought it was the best in the series, as we finally got to see Drake the man, and learned about how he came to be the treasure hunter he is today.

hellzsupernova2841d ago

I agree it was the best of the three, I think people who saw the tens, hyped themselves up too much, honestly there are far more memorable scenes in 3 then two plus twos story was just cut and paste uncharted one. Uncharted three mixed it up, and created the best scenes I've ever played, mainly the plane and the boat both of those were so good.

omi25p2841d ago

it was awful. Its story made no sense and the gameplay was copy and pasted for UC2.

itBourne2841d ago

The story was a mess, partly because they werent sure if Emily or Claudia were going to be able to be in it. The controls were absolutely GAME BREAKING, I do not know how a dev ships a game with those fucked up controls, the entire gameplay experience was a frustrating time for me. I still have not played it again since they finally fixed the controls.

Killjoy30002841d ago

The level design and set pieces in were head and shoulders above anything in 2. 2 may have had a better story and pacing, but 3 had much better action. I'll never forget the entire desert sequence, from boarding the plane, to crashing, surviving, sandstorm stealth, riding the horses. Such a thrilling portion of that game.

And lets not forget the ship - Probably one of the greatest levels ever made.

However, with the PS4, I want the to bring back some more of the exploration/sight seeing aspects that were so prevalent in the first game. Here's to hoping they can bring the best out of all 3 and make one final Uncharted masterpiece to seal the deal.

Bolts2841d ago

Uncharted 3 totally wore out the Uncharted franchise. There can only be so many death defying close calls and hanging by your finger tips over a cliff moments before all the usually exciting mechanics feel ordinary and tired.

quinten4882841d ago

I have to say Uncharted 2 is way better game than Uncharted 3. The second half of the game really frustrated me when pitting me against too many enemies at one time. I kept dying over and over so I just quit playing it. Never had any frustrations playing Uncharted 2. As it stands Uncharted 2 is the superior game.

abzdine2841d ago

U3 looked better than U2 but the story was kinda weak to me. I felt like they were talking too much in the game. But great game in the end!

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guitarded772842d ago

Even the weaker story of U3 is better than most games. I really want to see U4 on the PS4... if Naughty Dog can make games that look so amazing on the PS3, can't wait to see what they do on PS4. I know they're using the same engine, so they shouldn't have a huge learning curve, and if they've been in production since TLoU or before, it shouldn't be too long before an announcement. Maybe at the VGA's.

crazyboom2841d ago

VGA's where I think we will get a teaser trailer for uncharted 4:)

guitarded772841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I think that would be a good place, and Sony has to announce one of the projects from Naughty Dog, SSM or MediaMolecule soon. First big announcement event post PS4 launch... just seems like something from one of the 3 will be announced there.

S2Killinit2841d ago

I thought Uncharted 3 was amazing. but then again it had Uncharted 2 to live up to so its a toss up really. I'm way excited for a PS4 UC

Soc52841d ago

Agreed, part 3 was missing the magic that 2 had. Maybe because the cream of the crop was working on TLOU, hopefully the next one can be as amazing or more than Uncharted 2

Jaces2841d ago

I want to see a new IP from ND. They've shown us what they can do with fresh ideas, ie TLoU. Now I want to see what else they have up their sleeves!

A new uncharted would be nice but why hold them back to formulas/games they've already done when they have so much potential to make another gem in an industry where games are copy and pasted from gen to gen.

JsonHenry2841d ago

I'd like to see a prequel leading up to Last of Us personally.

I loved the first two Uncharted games but couldn't bring myself to finish the 3rd. It was just missing something the first two masterpieces had.

But I would love a new one of those as well. I think either way it goes I'll be happy.

Bigkurz852841d ago

Everyone who says Uncharted 3 is weak really needs to replay the games. I don't know if your expectations were just too high or what, but 3 is clearly the best. 2 is basically a re-hash of 1 in different skin. That's ok--I love them all--but that's just what I think.

CanadianTurtle2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Comment removed due to glitch*

Tapewurm2841d ago

I would like both.... Either of the long as it is either the next iteration of The Last of Us or long as Naughty Dog lives up to their past....either would be great...just hate that they didn't have one ready for launch.....Killzone, DriveClub, and Knack will do for starters...then Infamous 2nd Son a few months later....But, I really am dying to see what Naughty Dog does with the PS4.

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iamnsuperman2842d ago

I really do not want one. For me, The Last of Us should be one of those one hit experiences as it told a single story between two characters and it ended for me. I think they should leave it alone. I love The Last of Us which is why I want it to be left alone

QuickdrawMcgraw2842d ago

I agree iam,but would you go for a new story in The Last of Us world?I sure would

MrDead2842d ago

I feel the same about The Last of Us, it's a standalone story and I would like it to be left as that. It is truly one of the best experiences in gaming but just because they could make a sequel doesn’t mean they should.

Ezz20132842d ago

sadly, i agree with you
i wanted more TLOU but i'm OK for making another new Masterpiece and leave this masterpiece alone

zpoc2841d ago

they've already said that a 'sequel' would just be another game set in the same world, not a continuation of the first game's story. that sounds pretty good to me.

Campy da Camper2841d ago

Like QuickMcdraw said...leave Joel and Ellie alone but make a story in the same world. Maybe as a scientist who is there for the outbreak? Travel to China or Egypt as a survivor? Who knows?

All I know is ND are developers I wholeheartedly trust. I will buy their games sight unseen. Same goes for insomniac. And Sony Santa Monica lol

Underworld2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I kinda agree, but I would say I'd love to see a Last of Us 2. I love Joel and Ellie so either have it follow them again or completely new characters. There's so many stories they could tell in that world. Be amazing to experience that world again.

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xHeavYx2842d ago

My brain just exploded because of thinking about UC4 and TLOU2 on PS4

Benjammin252841d ago

What I love about Naughty Dog is that they won't continue making the same games for no reason. They did all they wanted to do with Crash and stopped there. As much as I love Jak and Daxter, I don't think Naughty Dog would feel like making another one with all the other exciting franchises they have to work with. I feel there is at least one more Uncharted in them though. And while I'm against the idea of a TLOU sequel, I know if these guys don't have a good enough reason to do a sequel, they won't. So you can be certain TLOU 2 will be amazing if they decide to make it.

Campy da Camper2841d ago

How about an uncharted and when drake gets to some city he finds...clickers. He and sully walk by a man and young girl heading the other way. They pause and look stately at each other and the young girl says...whatever you do, don't make noise....

SkippyPaccino2841d ago

That's a major plot hole.... That means we would have to play with a 60 year old Drake?

SeanScythe2842d ago

Uncharted4 then TLOU2, that way they have plenty of time to learn the PS4 and come up with an awesome story.

DarkBlood2842d ago

both but i want uncharted 4 more lol

DigitalRaptor2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


There's been 2 years so far since Uncharted 3. If Team A can get out another Uncharted by late next year I think it would be very welcome.

TLOU has only just released and they're working on new single player DLC, so they won't be making a sequel any time soon. It's only logical that Team B will have their next game out in around 2015-2016. Whether it's TLOU sequel or something new.

And I hope to god that "something new" is Savage Starlight. I can only imagine the potential for Naughty Dog in a brutal sci-fi universe.