The Future of Video Gaming and shifts in purpose

Msxbox-world takes a look at the changes within the video games market, with things like digital distribution on the rise, what is the future of consoles? Will we one day have a unified system where consoles can play all games?

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RealityCheck3885d ago

I'm not sure why these articles keep popping up about wanting a unified console. In this case of this article, the writer basically wants this console to be a PC in disguise in the living room, using downloads only and with all other console makers leaving the market. Sounds more like somebody paid to promote a certain corporate vision. It has many disconnects with reality.

Gorgon3885d ago

What monopoly? Does Sony have a monopoly on Blu-ray or DVD players? Does Samsung have a monopoly on HDTVs? A unified console would be just that, something fabricated by different companies but with similar performance like any DVD player or whatever. No monopolies here. As for games it would be the same thing.

RealityCheck3885d ago

@ 1.1

Theoretically speaking, if an association of all the major companies came together, drafted and all agreed on the basic specifications and design on a gaming console, thus making a reference design. Then each manufacturer would be free to build and manufacture their own console based off that design, then you would have competition while having a unified design at the base. This would be like Blu-ray where an association made the specs but each vendor make their own players. This, while very challenging, could work.

But if one vendor tries to make all the other vendors use their console or their proprietary design, proprietary network, etc. Then even if multiple companies are involved you lost the benefits of competition and you have a pseudo-monopoly.

Then there are a slew of other factors. Just as one example, Nintendo just opened a new market and this market does not need and is not willing to pay for higher graphics and all the specs. So right from the start, this one-size-fits-all doesn't fit the biggest seller of this generation so far, Nintendo.

The other issue is that design by committees and association barely works when it's about something that will last 10+ years (like media standards like CD, DVD, etc.) because it takes them 2-4 years just to all agree and work out the kinks. The gaming market is much too fast for such an approach to work.

Gorgon3885d ago

What you say is true. I was comenting on the monopoly side of things only. There wouldn't be any, because no vendor has the power to impose anything. It would have to come from every single hradware maker...and it won't happen.

DFresh3885d ago

OLED HDTV + PS3 + Sony = Future :)