Lost Odyssey Demo Impressions

Japan got a sneak peek at the future of Xbox 360 RPG gaming this past week with the home release of the Tokyo Game Show Lost Odyssey demo. Bundled with the latest issue of Famitsu (something that had to cost Microsoft a ton of cash considering the magazine sells over 700,000 copies each week), the demo lets players experience the first half hour or so of Mistwalker's next title after Blue Dragon.

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PS360PCROCKS4466d ago

I'm confused were they not raving about this game at TGS? Now the demo sucks?

Dlacy13g4466d ago

It sounds like the demo released is not a very polished demo, and honestly i got the impression they felt it was almost an earlier build than what they saw at TGS. That said, IGN seemed to feel the game will still be good, but they were just critical of the demo. Really this to me was about driving hype in Japan, and even though the demo isn't what IGN wanted to the avg. Japanese gamer I am sure this demo will stir up some hype.

THAMMER14466d ago

I'm not an Rpg guy but this seemed like it was O.K. I liked the video.

power of Green 4466d ago

I knew it was bad news i mean look who posted it, i'll take that back as soon as i see this "non-fanboy" post negative news about the PS3.

THWIP4466d ago

ALL Japanese RPGs are repetive, unimaginative, and boring. Anyone who expects this game to be any better (other than graphically) than "a PS2 rpg", as the writer a tad naive.