MGS4 - Inside the Biggest PS3 Game of '08

Edge goes in depth with Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 4 at the world's first advance playthrough of the PS3's biggest game of the year. But do the last days of Solid Snake really spell the future of PlayStation 3?

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R Kelly3834d ago

I'm going to be extra big on the PlayStation 3!

ip-student3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Where either you love or hate it. Reading the interview this games sounds like it is not going to be a system seller, instead, it sounds Deus Ex like. I am a little concern that perhaps it is going to try to please everyone and in the end please no one but it is possible to make a game that satisfies a number of people with different playing styles. However, often the truly great games have a limited appeal because they are too hard core for most.

The graphics sound like they are not going to be great - just good. So I predict it does not do as much for Sony as many people think it is going to do. Or, to put it another way, even if it ends up being a great game it will not appeal to much outside of the hard-core audience.

P.S. Before I get a lot of disagrees - I loved Deus Ex and like stealth games. I just suspect this game is not going to be as well received as it perhaps deserves.

sonarus3834d ago

Are you claiming that MGS4 is not a system seller?? The beta just got postponed due to un anticipated demand. Pre orders for MGS4 go back over a yr. MGS4 is a system seller whether you want to believe it or not. Its the single most coveted ps3 game every body wants some MGS4 but not everyone can have it.

Foliage3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

That title should be adjusted to: "MGS4 - Inside the Biggest Game of '08"

"I am a little concern that perhaps it is going to try to please everyone and in the end please no one but it is possible to make a game that satisfies a number of people with different playing styles"

If this is the end of Solid Snake I hope that it doesn't take the Halo 3 approach to an ending, one that satisfies absolutely no one.

Hatchetforce3834d ago

This title bears a tag that can only be attached to a few games in a lifetime - epic.

Kaz Hirai3834d ago

Not just the biggest game of the year, it's the biggest game of the decade! And it's only on the Beast in Black 'n' Blu- the PerfectionStation 3!

52 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 13834d ago

Hello my dear friend;) We have missed your brillant comments;)
Biggest game EVER!!! ;-P

I hope Snake doesn't die :-( He shouldn't do...He's nowhere near a xBox 360!!! ;-D


MURKERR3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

how can kojima be dissatisfied with those graphics? there truly next-gen and have definately raised the bar such as titles like gears and uncharted

i think kojima needs to make a metal gear film thats the only way he will ever be truly satisfied

PirateThom3834d ago

Kojima has never been happy with any of his games. He's one of those people. No matter how good it is, it could be better.

juuken3834d ago

Yeah, but this guy is a major perfectionist.

LazyPhalanges3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

If you read what he says it sounds more like the environment was what he was disappointed by, he wanted it to be bigger and have more options of where to go.

Saying graphics was a misinterpretation, at least from my understanding after reading Previous article (I could be wrong). What were your thoughts?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13834d ago

... A Brilliant Game for a Brilliant Console ;-P

ericnellie3834d ago

This will no doubt be a blockbuster! I wonder how it's sales will do compared to GTA4 and the upcoming RFoM2 and Killzone 2. What ever the case may be, this game will be well recieved and be a sure fire hit from day one!!

she00win993834d ago

i hope mgs4 will sell very because mgs3 is a llttle bit disappointing in terms of sale compared to mgs2..

resistance1003834d ago

TBH i don't care how many it sell's i just want it to be the best MGS yet, and im sure it will be

Hatchetforce3834d ago

But MGS3 wasn't disappointing in terms of gameplay. And that is what matters.

TheJBag3834d ago

that mgs3 has been the most epic of them all.
and it was the best in the series so far.

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