Afro Samurai First Look at

Rarely does the art direction define a game; yet Afro Samurai uses every inch of available screen to define both the nebulous time period as well as it does the distinct personality of The Number Two - the Afro Samurai. Where Asian art is known for bleeding watercolors and faint shapes, the landscape it represents is one of rich deep color and magnificent edifices. The line of structures - buildings and bridges; the environment including plants, rocks even water; clothing, hair and the textures of mundane items are both drawn to be realistic and very stylized with sharp clean edges and pure colors.

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This will be one of those titles that gets a 7 or 8 but sumthing you must play for just for the cool factor.

You know, like a corny movie that gets a crazy following cuz certain elements draw in a crowd of people. But with it coming out In September I don't see the development team having a whole lot of time to creat a spectacular title.

Hope I'm wrong though