Metal Gear Beta Delayed, Official Konami Response


We would like to thank all players for their keen interest in taking part in the beta test. However, we regret to inform you that due to extraordinary levels of traffic from all around the globe, we have been unable to run the service to the level we expected. As a temporary measure, we will be deferring the start of the US public beta test until we are able to stabilize our server.

We would like to apologize for all inconveniences as well as confusion caused. We would like to add that due to the above reasons, we will be making the following changes to the schedule:

1) Starting date: TBA. We will be making another announcement on 22/4/2008 23:00(PDT)
2) Beta Test closure: This will now be on 11/05/2008 at 24:00(PDT) rather than 06/05/2008 at 24:00(PDT)

IMPORTANT: Please note that your voucher code will only be valid up until 05/06/2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

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Cerberus_Hunter3885d ago

About time they said something.

MikeGdaGod3885d ago

good now i can go to bed

Condoleezza Rice3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Firstly,I'm disappointed along with many others,but to launch a worldwide beta test with limited resources,is quite a task...I really-And I truthfully believe,that Konami GREATLY underestimated the amount of people that wanted to be in the Beta,and this has been evident in the crashing of the ID site and the Beta itself.

Secondly,(and with that said^)I believe SONY Japan should provide Konami with some Server assistance,it would go a whole lot smoother if Sony stepped in and directly straightened this out.

Here's to hoping the Beta is live within the next three days.

Ghoul3885d ago

@ rize

well tbh (and with great respect towards konami and metalgear) i have to say this is one of the worst beta starts ive seen. The load was to be expected the id servers (registration) have been a complete mess and haven't been fixed. It#s not like the game wouldn't ship in 1 month and a half, other wise i would start to be worried about this.

Let's hope they manage to fix this but tbh i don't expet the beta to run for at least another 5 days, the mess with the id servers haven't been fixed also.

CrashSharc3884d ago

they should have had some idea right? Obviously they couldn't have more than the amount of beta keys available. Europe I understand, because everyone and their grandmother would have downloaded the fcuking thing. But NA, they should of had a clue... oh well no biggie. They delayed the closure which is great because I have finals and can't play till the 28th anyways! I LOVE YOU KONAMI!!!

gameraxis3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

before sony and dev companies just make sure they have way more servers than they need just to be safe, I'm sick of traffic being the reason for everything from ps store, to mgsOB etc.its just soooo Fing aggravating... anyone agree. but i still love sony.

pharmd3884d ago

they had years to plan for this, as well as the fact that they knew how many people had preordered so they knew what to expect for the beta..... im sorry this is just not acceptable, if there was a problem they should have known before last night..... i know i know, its beta, this stuff happens but dont push like this if ya cant handle it.....

jessehaysfl3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

i understand this is a beta my problem with it is the fact that there are people playing right now that did not pay to play however I did pay to play and now i get nothing for my money. Ive beta tested other things and yes there are always hicups and issues however if your going to make a percentage of your testers pay for the ability then i think they should at least get prefrence over non paying testers. thats all.

oh and for those keeping track on the east coast of the us 23.00 pdt is 2am wed. morning 4/23 lame.

hazeblaze3884d ago

The game ID site is working fine now.

But yea, this is really disappointing. The same thing happened with the Warhawk beta though. We had network problems for nearly a week... used to get kicked off after about 2-3 min of playing. Although, at least we were able to get logged on and play for a lil bit before getting kicked off, huh. But the point is that allowed the developers to work on their end and eventually we were up and running smoothly. Warhawk is still the most stable, and the most fun, online game I've played to date now... so Konami can still turn this around.

Jinxstar3884d ago

Dude I have yet to be able to get my Konami Game ID and stuff so... I kinda lost interest now. GTA 4 is soon and I wont be playing much else for a while...

Yipee Bog3884d ago

Until the 25th. On the site, they hope to shoot for a weekend release, and end on the 11th of May.

Homicide3884d ago

Konami sure did underestimated the demand for the beta. Well, at least they're extending the end date.

Kulupoo3884d ago

@ 1.2 sorry im not gonna cut em any slack...
I pre-order my games yet i cant play the beta.. while people @ Europe can play without pre-ordering it?
well thx alot konami...

samfk3884d ago

dont get me started !ridiculous over complicated mess! CREATE KONAMI ID GRR CASE SENSITVE !!!N GUESS wat still dont work! dunno bout next gen.i love konami games but this is a total shambles .

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Skerj3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Konami f**cked up, how could they not have prepared for this? At least it's a beta and not retail, I'd really be pissed then.

Coffin873884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

damn you stupid f*,

why the f* do you think they made this? so that these mistakes don't happen in the retail version.. damn be happy you at least have the chance to be in the beta and that they actually made one. stop crying around little child.

spec_ops_comm3884d ago

If they knew how limited their beta servers were, then why the hell did they open up FREE worldwide beta code sites, including a completely OPEN beta for all of Europe???

Their NA strategy originally made sense, as they could keep a strict limit on how many NA users were allowed in, because they decided how many MGS Saga DVDs w/ bonus codes to produce. But then, for some reason, they also opened up a free code giveaway for NA...

How can such a mistake be made by a publicly owned company? If I was a Konami shareholder, I would NOT be happy right now. This is a royal slap in the face to everyone who preordered to get their beta code, as if it was just us trying to get in, we would be fine. However, when you have 10 times the people trying to get in with FREE codes.. Well.. What did you think would happen, Konami?

himdeel3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

...testers is a brilliant move. From this approach they can get the BEST data and ideas of how they can accommodate all of the potential users for this game at launch. Sure it's an inconvenience to all those who are signed up to play the beta version, but in the long run I expect a VERY stable online experience with no abnormal 1st day connection woes.

While I'm not pleased I wont be amongst the beta testers. I made a conscious decision refusing to attempt to sign up for beta after getting the IP rejection email after signing up for the JP beta. Likewise I rather not dwell on the processes and prefer not get frustrated with it. I'll get my chance to play either way it goes.

Finally could you imagine the $hi*storm if this happened to the retail version of this game? While I agree they should have had SOME idea of the interest in this game before they opened beta worldwide. Like the many comments made before mine, I agree and this is why you beta test. Besides at the end of the day they WILL KNOW the type of server infrastructures they will need to establish or build or maintain to make the MGS4 online gamers happy...that is if such thing is a possibility.

Skerj3884d ago

I hope you're not insulting me Coffin, considering I acknowledged this was a beta and not retail in my first post for that very reason.

samfk3884d ago

man if u have to go thru the same stuff for the proper mgs online then im not sure i want it !! man my main reason 4 buying ps3 was mgs4!!!

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Foxx773885d ago

Thank you for posting this ... the story on the front page right now is extremely misleading. This needs to get approved!

MikeGdaGod3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

you act like this is the end of the world. most of you didn't even know anything about the beta three weeks ago. i say, better now than June 12th.

just chill-out.

all this means is the beta will last longer. relax

this is part of beta testing and Konami just learned a valuable lesson.

The Closing3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

No it's quite simple. There were supposed to be 5000 dvds given out with beta codes to the people who first pre ordered their game, which is the exact amount they should have expected, but then on top of that they gave out the code to just any Joe Blow on their website, and even that should have been a certain number that they should have anticipated.

This should be a lesson, but a lesson that should have already been learned.

P.S. The Beta isn't necessarily longer since it's been delayed so ofc the expiration date has been pushed as well.

Foxx773885d ago

You get bubbles for that one... It was amazing look at Gamefaqs and other message boards through out sunday and seeing people freaking out they couldn't get on even though it was still the afternoon in most of the U.S. ... the beta test is meant to check these things, like server loads and whatever else will come up in the next few weeks.

More time to play and Konami will learn how to better handle server loads for the full retail release.

Sometimes I wonder and I'm pretty sure that some people just don't understand the purpose or how a beta works. They just think it should be a demo and everything should work perfectly. Oh well, that's usually a small percent of people but also a very vocal group.

Science_NERD3884d ago

People are upset because they were looking very forward to this game and to get a little taste of what the mgs4 gameplay will be like. No not everyone knows what or how a Beta tests is, frankly, most people dont give a sh1t, they want to play pure and simple.

So mr smarta$$ why dont you explain what and how a beta works and what it does, the only thing beta means to me is polymerase beta used in to repair DNA when thymine dimers form from uv rays, so why dont you explain to us non-computer geeks what it is?