Microsoft Reportedly Banning GTA Online Exploiters

Eskimo Press:"Earlier this weekend WikiGameGuides posted a video showing people how to use an exploit that could earn people millions within minutes. Now, people are reporting that some players who excessively abused this bug are being banned."

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mewhy321832d ago

That's a good policy. People like that ruin it for everyone else.

aceitman1832d ago

I say fix the dam bug , leave people alone its not there fault . ban them so they can buy another system sham on u ms again. if true. the more ms bans the more I question there sales. ms gets out of hand with there bans. and cut the fanboy stuff out it happens . people for no reason get banned and lose 100s of $ . it has happened to 2 of my friends and ms say they cant help them.

xHeavYx1832d ago

There are 2 sides of the story. People shouldn't abuse a glitch and expect no repercussion, but R* shouldn't have launched an online mode that is so flawed.
I don't think that first offenders should get banned, but their money taken away and some kind of warning should be issues

ExCest1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

It's Rockstar doing the bans, not Microsoft. According to the article people don't like reading, Rockstar ASKED Microsoft to ban accounts.

FiLTHY ESKiMO1832d ago

So Microsoft is banning accounts under Rockstar's instruction. It is still Microsoft doing the banning. It's just another way of phrasing it. :)

HawtPaws1832d ago

>not their fault
>implying they didn't actively try to exploit the bug

aceitman1832d ago

@hawtpaws yes not there fault if its there is going to be used if u use it once or 50 times not ur fault , rockstar is at fault for having the bug ,putting out such a flawed online game without proper betas and test. if they don't like people using the bug then patch it the hell up . people should not be banned for this crap.

The_Con-Sept1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Seriously banning someone for using an exploit!?

And it is R* giving the command?

It is a f*ing game. Just reset their fake money balance. No warning just don't allow this to happen anymore.

And seriously I bought a game from a company that suddenly turned into more of a dark being than EA?

Rockstar: this is my last Rockstar developed game I will ever purchase. Because you are banning consoles over an exploit I will no longer trust you as a developer.

Your actions and resolve are atrocious. You and EA should get a room already.

Microsoft: Why don't you just come out and say that DRM is your future goal to accomplish with your new box in a later update already.

Sol ye mass nagas dias.

jib1831d ago

"And seriously I bought a game from a company that suddenly turned into more of a dark being than EA?" -con-sept

talk about being over dramatic. its not that serious. unless you're a glitcher, who cares

antz11041831d ago

"Well its ok to cheat because the online is broken."

LMAO, seriously guys? Its like saying "I robbed the bank because the security wasnt its ok". It doesnt work that way, its wrong no matter what you say.

Im glad they got banned, just play the game proper and enjoy it.

UnHoly_One1831d ago

It isn't their fault???

Are you kidding me? Is this what our society has come to?

Just because the capability exists to do something that is CLEARLY wrong, that makes it totally OK to do it??

So if I reach over the counter at a jewelry store and swipe some stuff out of the display case, that is not my fault? They should have had that case locked in the back, right? It's THEIR fault that they didn't protect it better, yes?

I can hardly believe the idiocy I'm reading.

warczar1831d ago

it's a glitch, not a hack. They should just label these exploiters. How many people are going to exploit a glitch if it gave them a big red target over there name that every player in the current lobby was aiming for? No, instead Micro will just ban you and force you to buy a new system. Evil fucking geniuses.

diggiejohns1829d ago

i'm ms fanboy but everyone who says they were banned for no reason is full of it. they are enough consumer protection laws around the world that no matter how big the company was they wouldn't be able to get a away with it

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3-4-51832d ago

I've never been so "into" a game, and then so "not into" a game like I was/ am with GTA 5.

I played that single player non-stop for like 4-5 days until I beat the game, and I enjoyed the first 3 days of online.

I'm literally sick of GTA5. It's already kind of old, not as fun as I thought/hoped, and just doesn't leave that lasting impression or feeling.

Only reason I haven't traded it in yet is because it's fun fora few laughs with friends every now and then and also there aren't too many open world games.

The city is beautiful, but for every 3 cool ideas they had, they had 1 really bad idea that was like " wait what? really! "

MRMagoo1231831d ago

Yeh i feel the same but i havent even bothered trying online i didnt with gta 4 either, the story was great i loved the game it was a good 4 days but i think i will trade it in towards a ps4 game i have 4 paid for already but why not have 5 if i can lol.

badz1491832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

WHAT A DOUCHE MOVE! the could just take away the glitched money or delete the characters so that the players need to start from scratch but NO, they deserve console ban for playing such a broken game to begin with! good job R* and M$! /s

ALARM-clock1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

"People like that ruin it for everyone else."

Whether people make their money through exploits or make their money through microtransactions, it makes no difference. R* should be blamed if it ruins the game.

Lord_Sloth1832d ago

Unless their guns deal more damage than yours they don't effect any1 else at all just by being rich. I've had far more trouble and annoyance from griefers than glitchers.

yeahokchief1831d ago

I agree. It's a good policy.

So was this exploit only done on the 360?

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1832d ago

This is why they should have had a PUBLIC beta before launch. Microsoft banning again? No surprise. They are ban-happy.

NYC_Gamer1832d ago

They should ban users for cheating/ruining the online experience for legit players

FiLTHY ESKiMO1832d ago

I think a ban is a little over-kill. Maybe just delete the characters and let them start fresh. There are a lot of bugs in GTA Online, this kind of thing was expected.

saikorican1832d ago

How does this ruin the online experience of other players? They have more money than you which doesn't directly impact game play for other players at all.

MCTJim1832d ago

If you play a game and exploit something that was never intended by the programmer its a glitch. Glitches ruin the experience for everyone else trying to play the game legitimately. So they, meaning R, had MS ban the exploiters...good for them..enjoy the banstick. This is one of the best features of XBox live, ban those who cheat and glitch for personal gain and ruin it for those who wish to do it the correct way....guess they should have read the ToS before cheating...the addage of cheaters never prosper works well!!

jackanderson19851832d ago

it's R* enforcing the bans through the lettering of the Ts&Cs everyone agreed to using xbox live... hell R* were doing the same for people releasing early playthrough videos... MS can hardly say to the devs "naw it'll look bad on us we'll just ignore your request"

ALLWRONG1831d ago

Sheeple have short memories here Sony also bans people But then again this is N4G, don't expect anything less with the Sony fans here.

HolyDuck1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

If it's in the ToS which I'm almost sure it is, that you're supposed to read before accepting, you can hardly blame Microsoft for enforcing their rules.

@Palaven, Probably because Sony haven't really cared about their online portion until this generation, as far as I'm aware, they did nothing to change the face of online gaming, unlike Microsoft, with their continued support of party chat and multiple under the hood tweaks, not to mention their constant banning of cheaters.

Hopefully Sony start taking online more serious this generation.

JetsFool35001832d ago

Party Chat is a hardware limitation it has nothing to do with the online service

FunAndGun1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

MS also changed the face of online gaming by charging for it.

lol, you sound way too happy to be ripped off HolyDuck. I am not going to have a hard time because I have been a Plus member since the beginning and was always planning on having a subscription before it being mandatory for online play. See, with Plus, you actually get value for your money, and not just the ability to use the other half of your consoles features.

HolyDuck1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Yes. When games like WoW and Runescape have been charging to use characters, MS charged you for a whole service, and paying obviously made it better. You're going to have a hard time this gen because you'll have to pay as well, unless you feel like sticking to all your Free to play games.

As for the hardware limitation, what a shame, maybe Sony should of thought about that, thought that Cell was the most powerful thing ever? haha

T21832d ago

Your just a pr tool anyway why would anyone take u seriously ? Sony has a just fine reporting system

The_Con-Sept1831d ago

@holyduck. It is fake money we are talking about here. Not a game breaking glitch like shooting through walls and walking underneath the map. This is just play money which affects NOTHING when it comes to competitive play.

Palaven1831d ago

Sony have a lot more responsibility to punish cheaters now that they charge for PSN, at least I hope so.

If not, then they have lost sales from me for the PS4 exclusives.

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Palaven1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

Why shouldn't they ban people who are ruining the game for everyone else? Its funny how people on N4G are defending exploiters just to disagree with Microsoft.

I join TLoU multiplayer games everyday with people making themselves invincible, with an exploit which should have been patched by now, unless you shiv them. Why isn't Sony banning them? Microsoft would have.

Fireseed1832d ago Show
TXIDarkAvenger1832d ago

Considering people have lost their characters online,I would honestly defend them. The prices of things like cars and houses are so much considering missions barely give you much money. R* definitely trying to enforce micro-transactions. It's very time consuming to get back the amount of stuff your character had and considering this problem is R*, players should really not be punished for something like this. Patch it and move along.

hellzsupernova1831d ago

Why is it this is the first I have herd of this? I have played the last of us almost right through both sides and have not come into one instance of this!
Any reputable proof?

MRMagoo1231831d ago

There should be a downvote for ppl just out right lying like palaven has done.

Palaven1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

I am speaking from my own experience. I have been playing TLoU since it released, I love it, why would I lie? The exploiters are ruining my experience and Sony are doing nothing to ban them.

You believe what you like, I don't have to prove anything to you. Search on Google, you will find all the proof that you need.

You will also find reports of invincible players on GoW multiplayer, its FACT Sony are doing nothing to punish exploiters. I hope it is different with the PS4.

I say something negative about a PS3 exclusive and I am automatically lying? Typical Sony fanboy mentality.

jessupj1831d ago

Serious question for you.

Explain to me how someone exploiting to get 3 million if different to someone just paying R* for the 3 million?

JeffGUNZ1831d ago

Answer this. Explain to me why stealing a lexus is different then just paying the dealership fro it?

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