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Dimorphioc360 writes:

"With the Heroic Map Pack Bungie released three brand new maps that had never been seen before in Rat's Nest, Foundry and Standoff. With the Legendary Map Pack they've gone for a mixture of old and new introducing another three new maps; Blackout, Avalanche and Ghost Town. The maps have a wide variety of different gametypes that can be played on them and each have their own distinct visual style. New Forge objects have also been introduced with this new map pack that let you build your own unique map.

While the value of the first map pack can be argued, the Legendary Map Pack is fantastic. All three maps are of the highest quality and will become many players instant favourites. The new Forge additions lend more gameplay and replayability to a game that is already overflowing in both accounts..."

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dragunrising3834d ago

Is the reason I came back to Halo 3. I have been playing COD4 since being disappointed with the Heroic Map Pack. The new map pack has given me a reason to play Halo again and remember why I love it so much. If you haven't downloaded it yet for whatever reason you should do it.

Superfragilistic3834d ago

The first map map was fun (if not uneven). This, however, has brought me back to appreciate Halo for it's flexibility in gametypes, customisation and that beautiful thing called Forge!

I love COD4, but it's killed every other shooter save Gears and Halo 3, which thankfully still offer something different.

The map pack is even more of a must buy thanks to the free Bungie Pro account that's included.