“Insider” claims more Xbox One games to run at 900p, Microsoft dev responds

Xbox One Insider CBOAT claims that the Xbox One has a lot of issues still, including reliability.

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Edvin19842840d ago

I just got to play it yesterday by the Bucs football stadium, and it was a blast. I really enjoyed Forza 5 and Killer Instinct. I am now even more so excited for this system, and can't wait to get my hands on a PS4.

Gazondaily2840d ago

Beware of CBOAT and his claims. He was wrong with a lot of things he said before Gamescom.

mikeslemonade2840d ago

Anything lower than 1080p this generation is unacceptable. You people have low standards..

FamilyGuy2840d ago

Well this claim answers the question of why MS felt it necessary to have "the best upscaler ever created" in the X1. They've known for a long time that their games would be running a native resolution lower than 1080p.

As long as the games are fun that's all that matters but they really need to stop claiming the graphical difference between their and Sonys games to be minor. Proof is everywhere already, as the next few months pass it'll only become more and more noticeable that the PS4 is far more capable.

GutZ312840d ago

CBOAT was the first to "leak" the PS4 had 8GB's of DDR5 memory to the world and we all blew him off as a nut job.
Look where we are today...

jcnba282840d ago


"Anything lower than 1080p this generation is unacceptable."

Yes you are 100% correct ... so where are the native 1080p PS4 games?

HammadTheBeast2840d ago

Killzone, Knack, and DriveClub to name a few.

MysticStrummer2840d ago

He's been right about a lot of things too.

LordNikon2840d ago

Only The Order: 1886 isn't native 1080p on the PS4, so far. It doesn't really matter to me, as long as the game is good.

FamilyGuy2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"so where are the native 1080p PS4 games?"

DC Universe Online
The Order 1886 (cinematic 1080p)
Call of duty ghost
All of the PSN titles like Flower

I think: Watch_Dogs, Assassins Creed Black Flag
I expect: WarFrame and Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition to be 1080p as well though Warframe might go for 60fps as a preference that might effect that.

I'm a bit confused, your comment sounds sarcastic yet the majority of the PS4 games, literally all of its exclusives, are native 1080p.

It's pretty safe to assume that almost every single one of these games will be native 1080p:

List of announced exclusive/timed exclusive games as of Sept 5th, 2013

Assault Android Cactus
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Blacklight: Retribution
The Dark Sorcerers engine created game
DC Universe Online
Deep Down
Diablo III
Don't Starve
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Horizon
Guns of Icarus
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Infamous: Second Son
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
Killzone: Shadow Fall
Mercenary Kings
Octodad: Deadliest Catch
Oddworld: New n' Tasty
The Order 1866
PlanetSide 2
The Playroom
Primal Carnage: Genesis
Project Phoenix (if its kickstarter goes well)
Ray's The Dead
Rogue Legacy
Samurai Gunn
Secret Ponchos
Shadow of the Beast
Shadow Warrior
Switch Galaxy Ultra
Timesplitters Rewind (just announced)
Tiny Brains
Velocity 2X
War Thunder
Wasteland Kings
The Witness

Kleptic2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

^i'm not taking sides in any direction...

but...if people still insist on putting the 'p' in've got a lot of corrections to make...

there is NO 1080'p' at anything LESS than 60fps...that is fundamentally what the 'p' represents...P is used to describe the amount of data leaving 'player' to the analag lingo, it meant progressive scan...which was double the amount of data over interlaced...for digital televisions...the p represents the 'full' attachment, in which its 60 frames per second over 1080'i' having 30...the pixels per frame are identical...the rate at which the device/player sends the the 'p'...or the 'i'...

resolution is resolution...the PS4 is playing a lot of games at 1920 x 1080 resolution...but natively rendering at 1080p is FAR less drop the p, the comments will make more sense when speaking of technical details like this...

the only reason the p is still around is so you DON'T have to even mention the refresh rate...p means 60, even though it was always a dumbass marketing gimmick with HDTV's to begin with...but people saying some game is '1080p at 30fps' is blatantly incorrect...for example watch dogs was confirmed to natively spin at 30 fps...and that is NOT 1080p rendering...

mewhy322840d ago

Well 900p won't look terrible but I'll play 1080p on my PS4. Let's just hope that on multi console release games the PS4 release doesn't get dumbed down because of the lowest common denominator bone. I mean even Ryse is running in 900p and it's a bone exclusive for crying out loud. Glad I preordered the true next gen gaming console PS4.

thechosenone2840d ago

Dude has been on Gaf for over 10yrs if his predictions where really that bad then the mods over there would have banned him long ago.

The_Villager2840d ago


None of those games you mentioned have confirmed resolutions except Killzone Shadowfall which is 1080p 60fps for multiplayer and 1080p 30fps for single player.

FamilyGuy2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


P = progressive scan

Progressive scan does NOT = 60FPS

I don't know where you heard that but you're mistaken. Progressive scan has to do with the method in which the image is created. i = interlaced is an image created by interlacing lines that form to create the image, P = progressive in which the image is created all at once.
60fps is just literally how many frames (images) are displayed within a one second period of time to create an animated picture, aka video.
FPS = refresh rate = Hz

Native 1080p just means that it isn't upscaled and it's a progressively scanned image.

@ The Villager
First of all, fps are not the topic here, fps do not have anything to do with confirmed resolution. Second, all of the ones I mentioned killzone-flower have been confirmed 1080p, them.

ImG2theB2840d ago

@Kleptic - Wrong, P is for Progressive and I is for Interlace. It is how the screen is refreshed using lines. Progressive is refreshed line by line and Interlace is every other line. Has nothing to do with the refresh rate.

JokesOnYou2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

CBoat has a fancy way of talking cryptic, predicting some info we already know (Forza5 1080p 60fps), then guessing very likely info,(not all games will be 1080p this gen), mixed with wild claims (remember the yeild issue, downclock lol), that when dont come true he makes excuses or conveniently moves on with more BS. Wash Rinse and Repeat. He just throws a bunch of crap at the wall and sees what sticks. The only thing he gets right is logical assumptions.

Forza5 is the only next gen AAA exclusive on either console CONFIRMED to be running at 1080p 60fps both online and offline. If Forza5 is doing this at launch logic says as devs become more familar with the X1 more games will reach that target. Hell Lococycle is 1080p 60fps if we are just looking for bullet points.  

The only visually impressive next gen EXCLUSIVE game on ps4 AT LAUNCH is KZ SF and clearly for a shooter KZ SF made compromises for the sp which is why it is NOT at the so called holy grail of 1080p 60fps which points squarely at a if we are to imply 1080p 60fps benchmark is above all else most important by this logic COD Ghosts is more impressive technically than KZ SF. Knack at 1080p 30fps is NOT a great accomplishment anymore than Crimson Dragon is at 1080p. Driveclub so far is NOT confirmed 60fps, Forza5 is so to me again X1 has the more impressive lineup because games like DR3 and Ryse have a much bigger scope and they are much more technically impressive games than ps4 LAUNCH exclusives, the devs made them to be next gen experiences in graphics but more importantly in overall design....or they could have played it safe and made a bunch of Lococycle-Crimson Dragon-Knack 1080p type exclusives to fill a stat sheet but hardly scream next gen.

Saleem1012840d ago

Lol your coldblooded liar cboat has been right 95% of the time dude stop it....

Flebber2840d ago

Jokesonyou: "Forza5 is the only next gen AAA exclusive on either console CONFIRMED to be running at 1080p 60fps both online and offline. If Forza5 is doing this at launch logic says as devs become more familar with the X1 more games will reach that target."

Have you heard about Ridge racer 7? It was a launch game on PS3...

NewMonday2840d ago


Wrong, CoD:G is also 1080p/60fps but far from impressive graphicly.

DR3 has tons of Zombies but the graphics quality is lacking, and only 720p

Ryse looks good but runs horrible, and only 900p

Forza has static effects and doesn't impress graphicly

3rd party games are a no-show for the XB1, and when BF4 was finally playable, people complained about the muddy resolution

So far in line with what CBOAT is revealing, also conforming with common sense considering the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the XBone


srd44842840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Few of his recent WRONG Claims:
XB1 having production issues - FALSE
XB1 to "Downclock" - FALSE
Said Mirror's Edge and Prince of Persia would be at Microsoft's E3 conference - FALSE

How can u be an insider and not know about the upclocks?? Funny.

LonChaneyTV2840d ago

"Anything lower than 1080p this generation is unacceptable. You people have low standards.. "

no offense to anyone but I think people are little confused about what to expect from the next gen boxes.

Both consoles can render 1080p but To make it a standard it would involve a bit of compromising. if features never evolved so fast it wouldn't be so difficult. for every new game made new features are being implemented, and with each new feature hardware beguines to take it's toll.

games of today are NOT the games of yesterday, and they will never be so long as tech moves forward.

pop_tarts2840d ago

@JokesOnYou: 1080p 60fps is a very nice number, but with a console not able to do such number's Forza 5 had to take out a lot of features. Plain environments (most tress are the exact same throughout the tracks), No weather conditions (this seriously hinders immersion), and no day night cycle All which #DriveClub has which is why that game is 1080p 30fps+.

If DriveClub went exactly the same path as Forza, they'd be beyond BEYOND 60fps with out a question. Also Deep Down confirmed 1080p 60fps F2P!!!

Kleptic2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

@ family guy...

Ok, what i stated was slightly incorrect about refresh rates, although...i already posted what 'i' vs. 'p' is...

I should've specified more clearly...when related to VIDEO GAMES...the 'p' is unneeded, and shouldn't be posted...

interlacing, deinterlacing, and progressive scanning...has absolutely NOTHING to do with digital rendering, digital signal decoding, and digital signal encoding...they are archaic factors referring to analog recreation...and related to how older analog CRT displays function...

its still a process to go through when dealing with something 'filmed' with analog chemical film...

but not a single video game will create 'half' of a single frame at a time, as is the case with what interlaced represents...

the given standard of Full HD 1080p video content IS 1920 x 1080 @ 60 frames per second...yes, there are others at varying frame rates, but its NOT the standard that 'Full HD' represents...for a while broadcasting studios have tried to make 1920 x 1080 @ 50 hz a standard, and it has not stuck...there are also less common signal types such as 1920 x 1080 @ 24 fps (1080/24p) used for movies, but its common practice to mention the different framerate...

so i stand by my overall point...saying 1080p is still stupid for video game is natively rendered in an interlaced format...and frame rates are all over the place depending on the title...because there is NO standard in video game resolutions and frame rates...why attach a given standard to it like there is?

So you are 'can' have 1080p at something other than 60 fps...its just in everything out side of arm chair pretend tech professionals of the video game would always specify the different frame rate...and since the 'p' is a given with real time digital rendering (no renderers do it differently)...its moot to attach the p and still go off on any number of different refresh rates...

@ImG2theB...yeah, i hear you...i get it...and i hope you're aware that no digital HDTV has scan lines to begin with...'i' and 'p' have nothing to do with how a modern television makes a moving picture just has to do with how much information is in a single frame...real time rendering doesn't dabble in the grey area of rendering half a frames information at a time...a full frame is a full frame, you never have a situation where the game engine renders only part of one frame at a time...because it would never work correctly with real time input...

n4rc2840d ago

Resolution isn't the end all be all of gaming...

If one game runs at 60fps but 900p while another runs at 30fps but 1080p... Which is better?

Neither... All games could run at 1080p but developers can target graphical quality or framerate over res. Why is that so hard for some to grasp?

Its the same people that think one spec makes an entire component id gather.

nypifisel2840d ago

CBOAT is probably the most reliable insider I've ever heard of, he got a proven track record of 90%. He mostly got MS inside information though and the predictions about Sony is hit or miss seeing how they come from the MS camp.

yellowgerbil2840d ago

man oh man, could you have any less understanding of what interlaced and progressive mean.
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
that is interlaced
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- -----
----------------------------- ----- that is progressive. The entire picture is shown in EVERY frame. so you get 30 FULL pictures in your 30fps. With interlaced you'd get 30 Half pictures in 30fps (not quite but the simplest way can explain it)

ImG2theB2840d ago

Kleptic - Wrong again, modern TVs still display a frame using progressive and Interlace. I have worked with major TV companies at my previous job at Best Buy Corporate office and this is how a frame is still displayed. The media determines the format that is sent and the capabilities of the player and display determine whether or not it is displayed at that resolution. You are right, 1080P requires more information to be which is why early HD TVs were 720P/1080i resolution but other than that you have no idea what you are talking about and are greatly misinformed.

NatureOfLogic2840d ago

They made sacrifices to Forza 5 to make It 1080p/60fps. That's just sad. It also explains the lack of features you would expect to see in a next gen racer.

Kleptic2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

wait a minute...i think its kind of obvious we're just going in circles with this...

in both of my posts...i talked about interlaced vs. progressive scanning...what both of you seem to be, for whatever reason, avoiding how your digital HDTV displays an image...and talking about what a interlaced or progressive signal 'looks' like...

both times i said that an interlaced video source effectively has half of the has double, or more appropriately 'all' of that data for a single given doesn't take two source frames to stitch the 'real' frame together...

and, also, in both posts...i said how NONE of that has anything to do with real time rendering of video games...

Remember the launch of the PS3? Remember how it wouldn't play ps3 software on 1080i only hdtv's that did not support 720p (it would instead scale down to 480p)?...and do you remember why? This is EXACTLY what i'm talking about...

the 1080i only HDTV's had no way of understanding the progressive video stream it was receiving from the least at that HD resolution...the PS3 would then be forced to scale it to a lower resolution, in progressive nature, so that the TV's hardware knew what to do with it...The PS3 software was not interlaced to begin with...because games can not be rendered like that...It took a firmware update with additional post-processing for the upscaler to divide the native progressive signal into something those specific tv's could handle at 1080 resolution...resulting in even more complaints, and tons of input lag...

You're also in the group of referring to digital televisions resolutions in terms of 'lines'...yeah, a 1080p tv is 1080 'lines' tall display wise...but the way 'scan lines', in analog TVs work, compared to an HDTV's digital pixel specific completely different...thats what i meant by the differences...HDTV's do NOT have scan lines...they can handle interlaced and progressive signals, but because of converters, not because the panels throw a single line of the image up every 1/30 second like CRT's TV's just pop the entire frame up x times a second, but the image is compiled with half the data if the source material is interlaced (usually its the full res when interlaced, but each frame with low range RGB/color data, etc.)...but i stand by what i said...this is a topic of bandwidth (i vs. p, that is)...its NOT how your display functions in terms of video games...

if either of you can show me a video game in which the renderer interlaces the signal and sends it out of whatever device its being played on...I'll stand corrected...but no joke, this i/p and what broadcasters worry about with cable bandwidth...couldn't be further away from gaming...that was the only point i was trying to make...

ImG2theB2840d ago

The point that you tried to make is that the difference between 1080P and 1080i is that one is 60fps and the other is 30fps. You have since gone back and researched the subject and are now regurgitating what you read since each post comes closer and closer to being correct.

TheTwelve2840d ago

CBOAT has been very correct about a whole bunch of things, much more than he's been incorrect. In this case, he's only adding more confirmation to other rumors saying the same thing.

The X1 is rushed, but they know they have to get the thing out there this year to stay at least competitive, and hope to work out the kinks in the coming years.

net1234562840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


You are totally off with your interpretion.

shadow27972840d ago

Kleptic, I'm going to help you out so that your next post is even more informed than the last (which seems to be the pattern, as ImG2theB pointed out).

You state that 1080p is some kind of broadcast standard (at 60fps). This isn't true. I'm not an expert on global broadcast stations, but I do work at a local station in America and I can tell you it is far from standard to broadcast in 1080p. Check your cable box. Mine has an option for 720p and 1080i. No 1080p. I'm pretty sure it's not even possible with current technology. Nor would it be efficient for the stations (who had to be pushed to upgrade to HD). In fact, the only way to watch anything 1080p on your TV is through video games or DVD/Blu-ray. Ironically, the latter is never (rarely ever) native 60 fps.

So the "P" in 1080p ONLY means that the signal is progressive. FPS has NOTHING to do with "Full HD".

Now your argument that we shouldn't use P when discussing resolution with videogames is a pretty silly one. Particularly when you've already stated that it's possible to play videogames at 1080i on PS3. 1080p is part of the lingo, whether you accept it or not.

Gamer19822840d ago

@mikeslemonade your correct and the only way your gonna get all your games in 1080p is PC not even PS4 is gonna do 1080p for all games thanks to 3rd partys wanting to keep parity so they will downclock the ps4 versions to 720p to match. We already saw it with Battlefield.

Kleptic2839d ago

I did admit my first post was off...that was incorrect, it was a mistake to attach the frame rate to the 'p'...

I also didn't go and research this was a very common debate throughout the beginning of the current generation...I just slipped up on some of the information...

regardless...shadow...the p and the i are currently, and always will be, marketing gimmicks when it comes to video games...Did we sit around debating this stuff before 2006? Why not? PC's have been capable of those resolutions and framerates (even on displays that this stuff actually applies to) since the early 90's...

the p and the i stuff only showed up when moving from analog CRT tv's to digital HDTV' that particularly techy people would understand what types of signals the 'new' tv's would never applied to video games, and never will, because a video game fundamentally is not rendered in an interlaced video format...

ambientFLIER2839d ago

newmonday -

"Forza has static effects and doesn't impress graphicly"

FACEPALM....really dude???

Redempteur2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )


unfortunatly this is true , forza 5 has pre baked lightning and isn't even capable of doing dya/night transistions properly ( or at all ).

Aside from the number of polygons , there is nothing next-gen in Forza 5. And by that i mean technical features .. On that aspect , driveclub and even gran turismo 6 have much more impressive tech both on the driving side or in the graphical side.

I mean just look at Forza 5 lightning model , it's almost embarrasing.

gigoran2839d ago


Yes you are 100% correct ... so where are the native 1080p PS4 games?

Where did he say anything about ps4, fanboy? He said that people are willing to accept below par gaming machines in an age where they should be much higher. Have you even learned to read or is your microsoft fanboyism just blinding your judgment to everything in the world?

_QQ_2839d ago

@mikeslemonade let me fix it "anything below 1080p 60FPS."

pixelsword2839d ago

I don't think standards are an issue: we were promised 1080p games this gen, so our standards went out of the door when we accepted less.

ambientFLIER2839d ago

Redempteur - Why is it that everyone who has actually PLAYED forza 5 says it looks beautiful and next-gen, yet all the sony fanboys claim the opposite?

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Fireseed2840d ago

Bu bu but they're not full HD how could possibly have fun? How can a game that's technically inferior to others still be fun?!?! It's blasphemy I tell you! D:

On a more serious note I got to play it at Brock University in St. Catherines, ON. Dude, I thought I was hyped for KI before, but after playing the unfinished Gamescom build I CANNOT wait to own my copy this Nov!!! November why you gotta be so far away!?!?!? :'(

n4rc2839d ago

Wait what? When were they at Brock?

I woulda gone down.. Lol

Fireseed2839d ago

They were there on October 10th, me and a buddy drove up from Niagara Falls, NY to play it was pretty cool but they only had the gamescom build of KI and Forza 5 playable. Then again KI is my single most anticipated game ever so I was content, but it sucked just wiping the floor with everyone :/

MizTv2840d ago

As long as there isn't any screen tearing I'll be fine

Volkama2840d ago

I thought it was just me that hates screen tearing. Never want to see it again.

Blaze9292840d ago

why is it that everytime we hear about development issues it comes from some "unknown" "insider" source? Yet no actual confirmed developers have stated they have ran into any issues with the Xbox One yet.

wishingW3L2840d ago

do you bite the hand that feeds you?

Simon_Brezhnev2840d ago

dont waste your time wishingw3l he is a very sly troll.

BG115792839d ago

Where are the indie games then?

Pogmathoin2840d ago

Does having fun with a game matter anymore or is it looks only? I will have both systems, and just want to have a blast.... Get over it people...

LordDhampire2840d ago

He didn't really leak anything everything he said was pretty much speculation

All he said was because of the overclock expect rrod like crashes...but everyones been saying that...he like most sony fans think microsofts been rushing the xbox one

3-4-52840d ago

Gameplay matters more than 1080p.

That being said, Gameplay wasn't Xbox 360's strongest asset.

I love my 360, but own very few games from over the past 6 years with it.

Not a lot of "classic" games or games with re-play value.

Any of the "good" games are almost always reliant upon Multiplayer community within the launch period of game.

After that, they pull servers eventually.

XB1 looks pretty good and the controller looks amazing, but I just don't have faith in Microsoft giving us fun games to play. just more of the same, but at 900p

JamieL2840d ago

Wow, what is Sony doing that's so different so far? All I see is "prettier" versions of the same thing so far. I'm sure you can list a million reasons and ways the PS4 is "a beast" and "8 GB of GDRR5 RAM Be-ach!!!!", blah, blah, blah, but really I see the same thing every new Sony console has been about, better graphics. I see Nin, and MS trying new angles, but all Sony's done is clone the 360's successful model, add a few perks and say exactly what gamers want to hear. Sadly enough what they say, and gamers want to hear, in my opinion is, "Everything’s going to stay just the same". People do not welcome change, and things have to change, otherwise things will stagnate. I'm not saying that Kinect, the cloud, or tablet controllers are the answer, but cool stuff has to start somewhere, not just keeping everyone in their comfort zone. That’s why these corporations we fight about run this world, and are in their mansions laughing at our supreme ignorance while they count the money.

Drekken2840d ago

Kleptic - LOL. You sure did type a lot of words for being completely wrong.

Magicite2840d ago

That is one witty two-faced statement :P

ballsohard20132840d ago

@JokesOnYou brings up a valid point. Out of All the next-gen titles on both systems, i see very few next gen quality. Here's where i see next-gen:

-Killzone (ps4)
-Ryse (X1)
-Drive Club Ps4
-Deep Down (ps4)
-Dead Rising (x1)
-TitanFall (x1) (not graphically next gen but in scope)

Most of the other launch titles look like ps3/x360 hd games. Exclusive wise i think there will be game changers coming like Halo and hopefully an uncharted.

Exclusives is where ps4 will struggle vs x1. XboxLive and the online community is also a challenge for ps4.

hopefully as developers put in work they can unleash the power of both systems

ABeastNamedTariq2840d ago

"Exclusives is where ps4 will struggle vs x1."

Lol, what? How?

prodg522840d ago

How will the PS4 struggle vs X1 in exclusives?

Ju2840d ago

MS's brainwashing is quite effective. How does Live give you anything beyond any other service? I just don't get it. Network is network. Dedicated servers are available to whoever wants to run code on one. It's not rocket science and has been done forever.

I think PSN on PS4 has quite some advantages over Live - be it "Live on PlayStation", longer clip recording, game sharing, "spectating" with friends incl. "jump into a live game", streaming to other devices (incl. PS Vita). Cross game chat will be available (part of the OS now). What's the benefit? Skype? (which isn't even part of Live)? Live is the same ol', Nothing changed. And it had no advantages in the past (other than cross chat). So, how is Sony struggling here?

jeffgoldwin2840d ago


This is N4sony for a good reason. You will not win any kind of sony vs ms arguments here ever. Just how they roll here.

Eyeco2840d ago

"This is N4sony for a good reason. "

It's funny you call it that, because most of the major news in gaming over the past news an especially the last year (excluding 3rd party) has been Playstation specific, from exclusives like TLOU, GOW, Ni No Kuni, to the PS4 reveal back in February, to extremely positive dev feedback of the PS4, to the ever increasing quality of PS+. It's really no wonder why there are allot of PS fans on the site.

Really whats come from Microsoft over the last year ? outside of Kinect and the disastrous XB1 reveal ? nothing, or what about Nintendo ? besides the lively 3DS the dead Wii, and the silent WiiU also nothing.

Are you really surprised ? once XB1 releases, and the Wii-U starts to warm up in 2014, the spectrum is going to appear different.

nypifisel2839d ago

I'm honestly at a loss with what you people were expecting? Photo-realism? I agree that your list is pretty solid (except for Titanfall... That game just looks.. yuck).

But I have to call it; those games you just listed could NEVER be done on current generation hardware, Killzone being the title that has impressed me the most recently. And I never even played any games on console this generation. That aside though I did experience what the pretty pathetic specs of current gen consoles had to offer, PC ports did look sharper and ran better but jeez did they structurally just look like crap, you could see that they were polished turds rather than gold.

Killzone though and the other titles to some degree do give me some hope for the future of games. I have yet seen any game look as fantastic as Killzone, if anything the scope of the reveal and the lighting alone should convince you that this is miles ahead of current gen.

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iGamerZero242840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Really ? I live in tampa and would love to play the Xbox One before releases

UnholyLight2840d ago

You know there's something really wrong with this site when the voting bar says "Hopefully". I know I would vote "No way" whether its the Xbox One or PS4. Why do you guys want competition to fail?? Don't we want to have the most diverse options to choose from and play?

So sad how the collective minds and bandwagon effect has taken place in regards to these two consoles!

I'll have em both this gen!!!

C-Thunder2839d ago

They're just guessing as to whether it's true or not, not hoping it is, the site uses that term for some reason.

UnholyLight2839d ago

I never thought of it that way. Good call.

otherZinc2840d ago

Where's SONYs 1080p "native" @ 60fps games?
Said by "Developers & or SONY", NOT "N4G"?

Provide a link, or shut your lying mouths!
Of Developers & or SONY!

Forza 5- is the only big game that does both:
1080p "native @ 60fps "(BOTH)"!
Forza 5 is the only game that does BOTH!

xXxSeTTriPxXx2839d ago

That's all it does is run at 1080 60fps, but does nothing dynamic what so ever.