Wii Virtual Console for April 21, 2008

This Monday there will once again only be 2 games released for the Wii Virtual Console. This week gamers will get an AWESOME classic NES game and a great Sega Genesis RPG.

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BeaArthur3859d ago

Awesome game? I have never even heard of that one.

3859d ago
PS360WII3859d ago

Ah River City Ransom... I wouldn't say awesome but a fun one. I thought Phantasy Star III was already out? hmm maybe it's the 2nd one that's out

G4drake3859d ago

phantasy star 3 its a great game y,know...but phantasy star 4 its way way better

condorstrike3858d ago

phantasy star 3 is my favorite rpg ever, back when it came out it took me like 6 months to finish the damn things, and i love the alternate ways to see different endings, pretty advanced for it's time, definitely a must have.