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Microsoft Hints At Cross-Platform Opportunities Between Xbox One And PC

Why can’t PC and console players play against each other if both own the same game? The answer of course, is quite complex. Spencer from Microsoft Explains.

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Community1857d ago
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pwnsause_returns1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

"Microsoft Hints At Cross-Platform Opportunities Between Xbox One And PC"

thru a Paywall...

i dont think PC gamers want that at this time...

Nivalis1857d ago

I can totally see steam users dropping it like a hot potato to install Windows 8.1 and play crummy tablet games

Dante811857d ago

Microsoft need to piss off, away from PC gaming.

Blaze9291857d ago

Microsoft's issue will be offering Xbox LIVE on PC for free when they charge for it on Xbox. Can't do both. And i definitely don't see them going free.

So, guess it'll never happen.

Fireseed1857d ago

They did the previous generation...

bumnut1857d ago

Not at first, they expected people to pay to game online on PC. No one paid it so it went free, Xbox gamers take note.

JsonHenry1857d ago

^^Now that both Sony and MS are doing I doubt it will change. The only chance we had of getting rid of a paywall was not paying for it last gen. But we did (I include myself here) so this generation and onward until consoles cease to exist (if that ever happens) we will never again know what it is like to play online without a paywall on a console.

Unless, of course, Nintendo sticks to their guns but I doubt they will. They are a company. If they ever make another hit console I am sure they will charge because their competition is as well.

coolasj1857d ago

For the love of god. Actions, not Words please. Sony is walking the walk with stuff like DCU and War Thunder. I don't know about Warframe. And I don't think PS2 does for some reason, maybe one day. But, stuff like this has always been possible. It's up to MS to make it actually happen.

BobBelcher1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

If MS has learned anything this last year- It's up to the consumer.

BobBelcher1857d ago

Not seeing the point in saying this, but okay.

LogicStomper1857d ago

You're THE perfect example of someone who's on this site for ALL the wrong reasons. Ahem, let me explain...

1) "PS4 is already doing this."

2) "still looks awful." - In a Xbox One colour scheme article.

3)"lol we get smooth online gameplay without any fee. You must be an idiot to pay $60 just to play online."

4)"I get free games, discounts, automatic updates and more value while having a smooth multipayer gameplay. Xbox fanboys are just delusional about this "better online" bullshit about Live.."

And guess what? These are your four most-recent comments as well. Your name and comments reek of fanboy. How hypocritical of you to go calling others fanboys. Heck, even your username sets off the troll-radar when seen in Xbox-related articles.

My advice? Stop commenting completely, YOU are one of the sources of N4G's problems. For example, did you even think for one second what sort of discussion value your comment has? None, none what-so-ever. All you're doing is being a brat and making jerk-level comments that has no relevance to the article just to make your favoured console look more 'superior'. In fact, isn't it funny that for a Playstation 'fan', you've got more comments on Microsoft articles compared to Sony articles? Does this not shine light on your agenda?

I believe this is more than enough evidence to give you a ban. You are not here for the news, you're here just to screw around with people who are here for news. You don't deserve to comment. I hope you get banned.

This article is about the Xbox One,

Regis1857d ago

Man he got you bad but yeah you have a point I get tired of the trolls so thats why I moved to twitter as well its a lot cleaner there.

christocolus1857d ago

lol....the guy is a baby troll.

Bolts1857d ago

N4G is a cesspit of Sony fanboys.

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The story is too old to be commented.