PES 6 vs FIFA 07 comes to a head

Despite the on-going debate currently raging in the forums as to which game is better, the general concensus, according to the charts at least, is that PES 6 is the champion, finally overtaking FIFA for the first time in, well, ever.

After less than one week of the games being released, there is a clear winner, for week one at least. PES outsold Dead Rising "with ease", though FIFA "easily" held on to 2nd place. And before you all go screaming blind that I'm being overly biased and missing the obvious fact, I am aware that Dead Rising was released on only one platform, not the three that PES was, hence PES easily beating Dead Rising. Nonetheless, it shows just how many it has sold.

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daboosa4460d ago

They are waiting 4 there PS3 to get new games (some people)

bloop4460d ago

Being a big fan of the pro ev series Ive been waiting for its realease for a long time and went straight out and bought it. What a let down. Next gen my ass, id rather play pes 4 on the PS2. Visually, its absolutely horrible and man, what the hell did they do to the gameplay?!?!?! Its terrible!!! Its soooo slooooow and the AI is apalling. Players on the same team running into and falling over each other, defenders standing still as they watch someone literally walk past them into the box and passes that have a mind of their own and are so slow they rarely reach their intended recipient. Ugh, its the most frustrating and infuriating game Ive ever played!!! Just curious to know does anyone agree with me??? I absolutely despise this game!!!!!

RBlaze4460d ago

Erm, i agree to an extent. The passes do sometimes feel a bit slow, and it is quite annoying in parts when your AI teammates dont cover. But all in all i quite like it. The defense however is very annoying, as it seems that passes never go where you aim them, and so the defense always picks it up, and its annoying how they can drag fast players down and not even give away a free kick when your through on goal. All are little niggles tho in my opinion, but i do prefer the old PES4 and 5 atm, but my mind could sway with more playing.

kingboy4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

pro evo next gen is just a big let down.the textures don`t match at all(just shiny).i`m a pro evo guy but i`m sorry this time around fifa wins it.(on next gen consoles)