PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Metal Gear Online

PS3 Fanboy attended New York Comic Con this weekend and got the chance to play several upcoming games, including Metal Gear Online. Konami's booth hosted the game with four-on-four action on the "Blood Bath" map.

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solidt123858d ago

In 20 more minutes I will be playing it too.

Surfman3858d ago

i hope we'll be able to.

Federal-Actors-Guild3858d ago

Man with all these articles...there all making my brain implode...bring on mgs4, u stupid guys..jkz

SirFenwick3858d ago


I'll try to get on tomorrow night. Sleep now, work later.

Hopefully then the server issue will be fixed and I won't have any problems, other then my PS3 randomly disconnecting me now since the latest firmware update.

3857d ago