Destructoid Review: Okami Wii

Okami is a must-have title for anyone who has ever loved a Zelda game, a Clover Studio game, or any time-intensive 3D adventure game. The only people Destructoid would advise against buying Okami are those on the extreme left or extreme right of the "casual/hardcore" gamer divide. Okami for the Wii is too complicated and demanding for the Wii Sports crowd, while hardened "gaming gladiators" may find the title's requirement of skills beyond "excellent eye/thumb coordination" to be too much for them.

If you can handle a traditional adventure game that requires both a thirty- to fifty-hour time-sink and engaging in some actual, physical movement, then buy Okami on the Wii. It's one of the best games to come along in years, and arguably the best adventure game on the console, period.

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wiizy3885d ago

mario kart wii and okami are great april purchases..hope alot of people pick up okami.

PS360WII3885d ago

"Okami for the Wii is too complicated and demanding for the Wii Sports crowd"

but is it really? I didn't play it when it first came out (don't ask me why because I had the means and want and I'm lovin it now) but so far with about 7 hours in it all the puzzles and fights were all laid out with little question of what to do. I can see a casual playing the game and enjoying it. Not saying it's easy just very well planned out. There doesn't seem to be a question of where to go next what to do here and how to kill the boss.