Xbox 360 Mods After All?

OXM, the Official Xbox Magazine, is reporting that mods will come to the Xbox 360 version of UT3 after all. They have some comments from Mark Rein via Midway's Gamers Day in which he indicates that mods will be present in some sort of capacity. There are no precise details, but from the sounds of things mod support may be very limited in the respect that it could require Epic to intervene and brings mods to Xbox Live themselves (and hopefully not at a cost).

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toughNAME3860d ago

You can only find the full version of this average game on the PS3

JasonPC360PS3Wii3860d ago

I happy that we get some sort of mods, exclusive maps, better graphics, and Live makes everything better. :)

toughNAME3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

With the reviews it got last year I never would have imagined picking this up, but I'm looking for a good online multiplayer game for the summer. It's a toss up between UT3, Battlefield, and Frontlines.

Lol keep an eye on the agrees for my above comment ;)

Ariexv3860d ago

It avg'd an 86..... some as Resistance and barely lower then Uncharted.

sonarus3860d ago

lol you just love getting agrees these days. Personally i haven't played the battlefield beta but from what i hear its decent. Nothing mind blowing but decent. I thought UT3 was pretty good though. So imo UT3 is probably the way to go especially with some mod support

Hatchetforce3860d ago

Same quote as the other day, just regurgitated for some people that still do not understand the difference in a download like Horse Armor and the ability to install any mod you want.

dan-boy3860d ago

i'm not to bothered about ut3 in all honesty. and i don't care that mark rein said it's mite look better on the 360(it should after the extra dev time). average shooter, that's too fast and has cod4 on-line to compete with. i won't be buying!

now watch how many disagrees i get for the "look better on the 360" comment

Clinton5143860d ago

Missing out on a game because it was on the PS3 first. Should third parties fear this type of lame gamer?

JsonHenry3860d ago

Played this game for the PC. Saw it in action on a PS3 (much slower movement on the PS3 btw) and it is AVERAGE at best. Keep playing WarHawk or Call of Duty 4. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Gam713860d ago


Imagine how many games have been missed out on because it was on 360 first.

Lol what a bitter lame gamer you are

wow4u3859d ago

I highly recommend Frontlines.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory might be fun too.

Clinton5143859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

You're the bitter one console gamer here. Good try though, kid.

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Rick Astley3860d ago

This is far from a confirmation.

And another thing, if I had known Epic were so sad as to steal user-created maps and call them their own, I wouldn't have bought UT3. That's just low.

etownone3860d ago

IMO Epic made the wrong desicion releasing this game on pc/ps3 first.
Coming off of the massive blockbuster that is Gears had me and probably many others really siked up for this game. It would have sold millions on the 360 because of the success of Gears.

but 8 months later, average reviews, and gears 2 around the corner...... its a shame but, i'll pass on the buy and just rent it.

wow4u3860d ago


psycho, psychology, psychotic etc...

etownone3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

are you serious? trying to be funny?
maybe you should go around and see how many posts have bad grammer/spelling, and then try to understand people write these posts in a hurry to get there point across.

and since you didn't notice, i also spelled decision wrong too.

NDN_Shadow3860d ago

Didn't we already know that? Epic said that some of the best mods would come over to the 360. That is in some sort of capacity. Why is this news?

mirroredderorrim3860d ago

This is an alright game. I kind of regret buying it, though. Because the only time I really play it is when we throw little kick-backs at the pad. Haven't played it lately, though. Can anyone confirm that this has rumble for dualshock 3?

NDN_Shadow3860d ago

I've heard it has rumble from several people. The only time I find playing it is when a new cool mod shows up.

PLiPhaze3859d ago

It came out later & it had rumble support at launch

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