GameZone: This is Vegas Preview

GameZone writes: "To consider This is Vegas to be little more than a GTA-clone would be selling the game way too short. While there is some degree of driving and on-foot fighting and shooting missions, these only encompass a small element of what the game has to offer. There are ways that you can thrive in Sin City, befriending the various people and archetypes that live there and performing helpful tasks. The Party portion of the game was on display at a recent Gamer's Day event held by Midway in the city itself, and showcased a surprising amount of depth.

The portion of the Party element took place at an empty club, where the lead character's friend DJs. She tasks you with getting the party started, so you then must figure out a way to draw in a good crowd. You can do this by performing a reflex and combo-based dancing minigame, where you can do a variety of dance moves in order to keep drawing a bigger crowd."

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