Nintendo: 4 Million Wii Consoles To Ship In 2006

Officials from Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo have confirmed that the company expects to ship approximately 4 million Wii consoles globally during the six weeks between the system's launch on November 19 in North America and the end of 2006.

The company also noted that while the largest share of that worldwide allotment will go to the Americas, Nintendo expects supply will be outpaced by demand, based on retailer orders and consumer requests.

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LilClaw4458d ago

What I'm wondering about is the cost of the Wii? Sure 4 million is much better than 400k (yeah I'm looking at you could you do that to me :( ...), but isn't the price of this thing just as important. Especially within a month of launch.

Krimson4458d ago

Are you serious? The price was released well over a month ago. USA: $250, Canada: $280. Not sure about European prices. System comes with 1 controller, 1 pack-in game (Wii Sports), no component cables.

bung tickler4458d ago

i think its too expensive. i am a huge fan of nintendo, i have a nes, snes, n64, and ngc all hooked up to my tv along with my x360, but i wont be buying one of these for some time.... simply because $250 for a slightly beefed up ngc is way too much.

PS360WII4458d ago

Stop gripping. It's more powerful then the GC uses less power and runs smoother. They accually have 3rd party support and an even better virtual console list that can only get better. This by far is a winner in the books of gaming

rigo924458d ago

No, I know you didn't say EXACTLY that, I just mean in general. The official spec has been revealed and a 900Mhz processor sounds more like a "beefed up" Xbox to me. (Original xbox was 733)

Marriot VP4458d ago

wow that's amazing if it's true

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