F.Y.E Bundles PS3

If you pre-ordered a Playstation 3 at FYE, be prepared to spend a little extra money.  I have contacted 3 stores and the corporate office of FYE and they have all confirmed that they will require all who have pre-ordered the system to at least purchase the system, two games, and a SIXAXIS controller.

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andy capps4466d ago

So that's about $823.86 ($599.99 console, $49.99 controller, two games at $59.99 each, and sales tax at 7% making it $53.90) if they charged full price for everything and with tax included. They'd probably make the total price around $750 or $800 to make you think you're getting a great deal. I would think that most people that pre-ordered knew that they were buying bundles as it's always that way for new console launches. It wouldn't bother me as long as I got to pick the two games that were bundled. Regardless, I don't have a pre-order so this is all a moot point.

FKN Unbelievable4466d ago

Should'nt be this way at all. Blame F.Y.E.