Blend Games Preview: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

Blend Games writes: "Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is the latest in Gearbox Software's popular WWII series. If you've played a BiA game before, then you know what to expect. This is the game that perfected the squad control mechanic for shooters, and even though other titles have come out to try and claim that title, BiA: Hell's Highway is going to decisively prove that when it comes to this style of warfare…there's only one king. With a new graphics engine (which will include some footage from previous games rendered in the new engine to give you a reminder before the new saga starts) and cover system, there's plenty of new hotness to go around.

What Brothers In Arms has been able to do is provide an authentic feeling to the combat in the field. You must use strategy in order to succeed. Your chances of plowing through as if it were a simple shooter diminishes your survival rate, much like in real life. So if you need to get somewhere it's always a good move to use suppressive fire and flanking maneuvers. Call of Duty, by contrast, has you take on emotionally charged missions that keep you involved in the story and gameplay. It's a cinematic experience, whereas BiA is more akin to a reenactment. CoD is Saving Private Ryan, and BiA is Band of Brothers. Very similar stories, but the feel of each is distinct."

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