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Glenn Percival writes "Direct from NYCC 2013, here's the first gameplay of the soon to be released 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation Vita."

"The game actually runs at a full 60fps with no drops from what we saw during our time with it."

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snitch_puck2567d ago

omg. they actually did an awesome job! Kudos to armature for making it almost as identical to the console version and running at 60 freaking fps at that! Will get this day ONE!! I knew netherrealms was just being too careful with the last iteration of MK portable.

GdaTyler2567d ago

Me too. I've never got the chance to get this. I played the demo on PS3 but I would enjoy it much better on a handheld just like Mortal Kombat 9 on Vita. This is awesome.

Section82566d ago

To be fair...wait, is that right?...MK on the vita looked like shit. It could have looked so much better.

sinncross2567d ago

This looks really good.

Well done Armature... this looks like a really solid port.

HardcoreGamer2567d ago

wow cant wait for this to come out. price gotta be good

Ron_Danger2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Have they announced a release date yet? I want to get it for PS4 (I skipped the ps3 version) but I couldn't find it on amazon.

Edit: just found it. Nov 12 in the US for PS3, PS4, and Vita!

2567d ago
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psDrake2567d ago

Holy Shit !!! They did an amazing job porting the game.

Stable 60 fps is just great. Kudos to developers for actually WORKING on this game and delivering a product that is worth buying even if you have the ps3 version.

Seen too many lazy ports on my Vita but this one seems to be one of the best yet.

Getting this day 1.

Blastoise2567d ago

They're not all lazy. I recently got Blazblue on the Vita and that port is as good as it gets

MadMax2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Yes it is! I also think sega all stars on the Vita looks damn good! I have PS3 version and it looks very close! Same with dead or alive and dragons crown! How bout those KZ graphics on the Vita!!!

Rezka2567d ago

Wow they finally didn't screw up the textures this time around because mk port textures were bad

Blastoise2567d ago

Vita kicks ass for fighters

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