This is How the PS4 Welcomes You While Waiting for a DualShock 4 to Connect

We already saw a few pictures of the UI of the PS4, but today we get to see something new, thanks to pictures surfaced from the Gamer's Day event, that is currently going on in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The pictures show the screen displayed by a PS4 unit as it waits for a DualShock 4 controller to hook up.

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allformats2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Just one month away.

Thank you Sony, for sticking true to gaming. You are the gods of this space, watch your throne.

Sincere01212845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Lmao Sony fanboys smh

Crossbones2845d ago

LMFAO!!! Nintendo Fanboy Right Here

GiggMan2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Everyone is taking this "Sony fanboy" comments to far. So what if he likes Sony and is glad that next gen is only a month away.

He just thanked Sony (over exaggerated a little) and didn't say anything negative about Microsoft or anyone who supports them... Has the meaning of fanboy changed or is it the new hot term to label someone with whom you disagree?

reko2845d ago


bitter fanboy.

Army_of_Darkness2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )


You are just sincerely jealous of the simple welcome back text that Sony has done for us! Hmmp.. ;-) and yes, allformats can be a little to passionate at times but whatevs, he ain't hurting no one lol!

JoGam2845d ago

Sony Fanboy too. I might be a Sony fanboy but every system and gaming is fine with me.

ZHZ902845d ago

But he didn't even bashed Xbone so you could call him fanboys and can't people enjoy their console of choice for a while.

cell9892845d ago

Sony fan boy reporting for duty

Sitdown2845d ago the people pretending like his statement was not a dig at Microsoft. During E3 Sony said they would not restrict used games.....they never mentioned Microsoft, but clearly we all knew what was going on. In addition, they said games did not need to be connected online to play, again....we know who that was a dig at. Now lets look at allformats comment...."sticking to true gaming"....obviously he is taking a dig at somebody for not sticking to true gaming, because if everyone was, there would be no need to say "true". In addition, if you claim some one as gods of true gaming space, the assumptions is that everybody else is beneath them. your throne, who exactly do you think they would be watching their throne from? Allformats is well aware out to make subtle comments to arouse the locals.

Jaqen_Hghar2845d ago

don't mind this man he's clearly still recovering from MS getting their asses handed to them at E3 with that 20 seconds of applause after the no used games and of course the prices as well

BOLO2845d ago

PS fans choose to be passionate about the product they want...Xbots choose to be ignorant about the product they want. Key difference.

GentlemenRUs2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

People! Let's pop his bubbles for being a troll :D!

Back in the day these sort of things would have gotten you banned!

DragonKnight2845d ago

Are you all really arguing over two lines of text against a blue background and slinging "fanboy" around?

Wow, I've seen some stuff that doesn't matter being argued about before like FCC certification and stuff, but this is as low as it gets.

This isn't even really news.

dillhole2845d ago

Did I really just waste 20 seconds Googling what smh means? Just type the words!

MadMax2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Why are xbots always so ignorant? Ive never witnessed bigger morons in my life! You dont see it from Nintendo or Sony, just Microsoft retards. You guys got nothing going on upstairs, but air!

Anarki2845d ago

People can support their favourite football team however supporting their favourite product is idiocy.

FamilyGuy2845d ago

Seriously, how is this article worthy?

It's extremely basic and noting by showcasing a picture of it. I'm excited about the PS4 but come on man, lol.

rainslacker2845d ago


Wait....are you saying we can't say a single thing positive about Sony without it being a subversive negative shot towards MS? Isn't that a bit extreme?

Can I say neutral things about Sony and not be thought of as a fan boy? What if I say negative things about Sony, does that mean I'm talking bad about MS as well.

I get it now. MS fans are needy little b*tches who want to make everything about them. It's like one of my ex g/f's who got mad at me because I said our waitress was nice and did a good job, and somehow that meant I thought my g/f was not good enough.

solid_snake36562844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

@Sincere0121 Don't be mad Cuz we have the better console.

ChrisW2844d ago

Time to make a sandwich...

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lastofgen2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )


I understand you're excited for the ps4 and I totally get that, but...really?? That last statement of your comment..

monkey nuts2844d ago

How to spot a fanboy/ fanboys:
They let the thread get completely derailed by running to defend their views regarding a certain console/ company. Without really realising that they are adding to the derailment of the thread. //. Thread.

christocolus2844d ago excited too about next gen but dude that comment is hilarious...what is he implying?..even sony execs would laff their hearts out when they see that..allformats should definitly be given a fanboy award for that..thats one of the best ive seen and look at all the agrees...lmao.. n4g rocks....this is funny.... damn...

RTheRebel2845d ago

Oh Brother, go get laid.

Abriael2845d ago

The funniest part of this comment is the war of agrees and disagrees going on under it.

GiggMan2845d ago

No the comment itself is funny also. lol

christocolus2844d ago

i cant stop lmao..those agreeing and disagreeing are in a world of theirs sure most of the guys dont even know what to make of the comment...lmao..

Blaze9292845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

"You are the gods of this space"

lls aaalright now. Stop listening to that Yeezus album.

Skate-AK2845d ago

Lol. Worst group of music he has ever done.

thejigisup2845d ago

Whoa please leave poor kanye out of this war... it ain't easy being yeezy. That man needs help.

opinska2845d ago

don't thank them, just shut up and give Sony the money! That's what it is about for them and MS too.

xActionBasturdx2845d ago

Ummmm...yea you need some ass

dantesparda2844d ago

Dont we all kinda need it/want it

2845d ago
showtimefolks2845d ago

i won't click on the image i want to experience it myself lol

hellzsupernova2845d ago

Are they going to release the console with that colour? Kind of looks like that Super Nintendo paint job ps4 that's going around the internet

VforVideogames2844d ago ShowReplies(1)
Cam9772844d ago

Dude... it's a gaming console. Seriously... I think you're a little bit too eager among other things.

Lior2844d ago

Why is this top news?

MightyNoX2844d ago

LOL. You got so many disagrees from Xbots in spite of telling the truth. Seriously, kids, your masters tried to destroy gaming, we stopped them...everybody wins. We get our games and you get your paywall-TV. Stop the hate already.

pete0072844d ago

it seems to me that a simple welcome back is like a stripping show to some psfanboyz

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2844d ago

What throne? Sony isn't the King of this generation. They got smoked by Nintendo and crushed in the USA by the Xbox.

You must be talking the toilet.

x5exotic2844d ago

The fact that they had God of War series, TLOU, and a shit-ton of variety of top-tier games, while xbox' big 3 are alien/space-shooters, one of which is no longer an exclusive, and the fact that Wii's technology is on par with the Sega Genesis, prove that they are indeed the gods of this generation, the one before, and the next one.

Sales got nothing to do with it. And if you say they do, PS2 is still the all-time best-seller, so yeah, an old-gen console is a god over a current-gen one. :D

TAURUS-5552844d ago

simple and beautiful, thanks sony for keeping the console gaming alive.

come_bom2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

How did this "news" go unreported and get approved?

This "news" is LAME!

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dannylilley2845d ago

What a random piece of news.

MajorAly2845d ago

Dualshockers is fresh out of news I guess.

Abriael2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Says the one whose site reports about boxes :D

chrissx2845d ago

Ps4 the true gamers champion.

AKR2845d ago

Seriously ~ An article (more like a random forum post, IMO) like this gets over 290-degree heat?

Okay then....

AKR2845d ago

Bubble Up: "Funny"

~ I came here because the degrees were so high. I was curious to see why it had so many clicks. :P

thejigisup2845d ago

@akr then it has worked.