Assassins May Be Fighting the Templars in Egypt Next!

AllThatsEpic: Ubisoft has remarkably changed the whole idea of taking their players back in time through history. Us, as the players, have traveled all across the world as part of a group of assassins. We’ve traveled back in time to the period of the Third Crusade, all the way in Israel. Then we ventured our way into Italy, during the peak of the Renaissance period. After that, we made our way to Rome, Turkey, then all the way back in the States. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is supposed to take place in Caribbean. Where else could Ubisoft possibly take us? Well, according to Assassin’s Creed IV’s Game Director, Ashraf Ismail, he’s thinking about Egypt.

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KrisButtar1835d ago

I got an Email from Uplay about taking a survey "Help Us Make Better Games" it was called. Ancient Egypt and Feudal Japan were my choices. So its good to know I may game a game in that era. I would like to see an Assassin Creed game take place anywhere but modern times.

Can't wait to dual wield swords and guns

friedricr1834d ago

really left the AC series after 2 and its milking way.. but i will 100% come back and play AC if it was in feudal Japan ..

1834d ago
MajorLazer1834d ago

AC3 was awful, due to being set in America. Better locations such as Japan will make me play AC again

ZHZ901834d ago

Assassins in my country, no thanks.

1nsomniac1834d ago

They haven't made a decent game set in Egypt since Exhumed on the Sega Saturn!

MightyNoX1834d ago

What happened to 'we have the ending in sight' mantra?

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