Dark Souls II Black Armour and Collector’s Edition will be Exclusively for Pre-orders

Namco Bandai has officially clarified that both the Black Armour Edition and the Collector’s Edition of Dark Souls 2 will not be available in store and can only be purchased through pre-order.

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dragonopt11836d ago

Looks cool but I've learned anything you start with gets replaced quickly :)

Swiggins1836d ago

Black Armor doesn't refer to an ingame armor, it refers to a free upgrade of the game that includes a steelbook and a map.

1836d ago
admiralvic1836d ago

Thats good to hear, but I am sure it's nothing more than PR talk. Like they said the same thing about Catherine ( http://collectorsedition.or... ), yet they still had ample stock on Amazon. Even got discounted a bit over time.