DualShockers | Preview: Dragonball Z [Battle of Z] – A Return to Authenticity & Epic Battles

Dragonball Z has had a steady stream of multiple video game adaptations that span back to 2002′s Dragonball Z: Budokai, punctuated by the Budokai, Tenkaichi, and Raging Blast series, with other titles interspersed throughout. Dragonball: Battle of Z will be the fifth Dragonball Z game published since 2010, and amid some very minor conveyance issues, it succeeds at emulating the tone and intensity of the show. The sound design and subtle cel-shaded graphical style and character design also served to enhance these qualities.

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tayz1928d ago

they have some gameplay from nycc of the cell saga:

Deadpool6161928d ago

Thanks for the extra information. I will check it out.

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