OtakuDome: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Faith Review

Otaku Dome's The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Faith Review:

Telltale’s follow-up to The Walking Dead; The Wolf Among Us has finally released, but does it live up to the hype or does TellTale knock themselves down a peg?

The Wolf Among Us is a 2013 multi-episode, point and lick adventure game, it ids developed and published by TellTale Games, and is currently available on Xbox 360 and PC. It will be available on PlayStation 3 on the 15th.

THE GOOD: The Wolf Among Us is a prequel the the popular FABLES comic, so it can act as a jumping point for those who have never read the comics before, while also providing a bit of fan service to those who have. Gameplay wise it’s a lot like The Walking Dead, as you point and click your way through the game you find new clues to murder mysteries and evidence that helps the player interact with characters in different ways.

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