Examining Deep Down’s Innovation, Futuristic Elements, and Two New Demos

Deep Down’s two newest demos, both of a single player campaign, and a multiplayer battle against a towering, albeit amazing looking dragon, are the first definitive answers to many questions that Deep Down’s development news has sparked.

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tacotruck1834d ago

Easily one of, if not the most, anticipated next-gen titles

1834d ago
nosferatuzodd1834d ago

indeed its new its fresh its not a first person shooter i say bring it lol

NegativeCreepWA1834d ago

Really looking forward to this game, though they need to change the hud, that blue really doesn't look right.

GrandpaSnake1834d ago

Not to sure how free this game is but ive always had good experience with free games. on my ps3 i got dust 514,dc universe, spartacus and tekken revolution.

twdll1834d ago

Well now.. Crazy good graphics. Hope the gameplay lives up to that as well.

thebudgetgamer1834d ago

I'm a little nervous about how they will handle micro-transactions, but it looks like it could be fun.

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