Why video gaming can't be positive

OpinionDebug looks at why video game journalism can't just be positive.

OpinionDebug writes:

"Now I'm sure many of you have seen this site (and sites like it) and thought that the stuff we write is just negative. Now I was reading an interview on GamesRadar with Jeff Gerstmann talking about his new site, In the interview he discussed how GiantBomb will bring the positivity back to gaming and that it will be a site for people who just like to play games. Now as much as I like to play games, I disagree that gaming journalism should all be positive. As with anything there is good news, and bad news and unfortunately the bad news is just as important."

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DFresh3832d ago

It's really the fans that make video games the issue.
Too many fan boys argue over which console which will be more superior and that leads to problems.
I know the PS3 is the best console you can and I feel it's pointless trying to argue with stupid fan boys who don't know gaming and are biased towards other people's stuff.

Odiah3832d ago

I'm sorry but that read like a four year old trying to sound smart.

G4drake3832d ago

you know why here:

1)i learned how to read and speak in english

2)my vision and accuracy got way better