Sexualized avatars affect the real world, Stanford researchers find

Stanford: "A Stanford study shows that after women wear sexualized avatars in a virtual reality world, they feel objectified and are more likely to accept rape myths in the real world. The research could have implications for the role of female characters in video games."

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HelpfulGamer1885d ago

More Porn correlated Less Rape.

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IcicleTrepan1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Who are these weak minded, weak willed women that they speak of? I've never met one myself.

cleft51885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

The problem with all of these studies and psychology in general is that the results can be interpreted to mean just about anything if you word the wordings of the research questions just right. For instance, how you measure whether or not something influences one thing or another.

There is a difference between something having an affect on another thing, a correlation and something having a cause and effect relationship. I can show a correlation between rape and building a Church in a neighborhood. Because constructing a Church does have an affect on the increased cases of rape. Sounds controversial right, but it's not.

The cause and effect lies in the fact that by building a Church in a neighborhood you increase the number of new people coming to that neighborhood. This increase in people means their is more of a chance for someone to commit an act of violence like rape, simply because there are more people around. Yet I could word such findings in such a way that it sounds like this really controversial horrible thing when in fact it is nothing at all.

In short, these studies amount to nothing and are just a way for a researcher to get some funding or recognition for their works.

Xof1885d ago

That's... interesting, but I'm not sure it's a valid study. Actually, I'm certain it's not a valid study because it's focused exclusively on GAMING media.

Gaming is interactive media, so--ostensibly--it may elicit different psychological effects than non-interactive media, but there's no real indication here that women assuming the role of sexualized gaming characters effects them any differently than VIEWING sexualized female characters in film, television, or literature. Limiting the study to gaming, specifically, does a monumental disservice to the study of media psychology.

PoSTedUP1885d ago

the victim of rape being promiscuous or having bad habits is a "myth", but, women should know that they are more vulnerable if they have bad habits and are promiscuous. this study is in a Complete VR world, and is something 99% of women havent experienced, let alone 99% of men (the whole VR world+ avatar thing). so this study cant depict videogames, or at least back up any claims regarding the videogames that are amongst the general public unless they run experiments on thoes. but its no secrete women are vain by nature, the majority often care about how they look, hair, nails, makeup etc. anything on tv and in videogames can make anyone feel a certain way about Anything. imo it seems like videogames are the only form of entertainment media that gets attacked because it draws in a different type of women, you dont see feminist attacking 50 shads of gray, women Love that ****!!! it only gets attacked because its in a male dominated form of entertainment and that doesnt sit well with the kind of women who game.

Xof1885d ago

Wow. At first I was upset you wrote a long-ass, poorly-formatted post that had absolutely nothing to do with the post you clicked "reply" to. But, wow, you sure managed to get me over that feeling with your blatant sexism.

PoSTedUP1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

im not sexist and what i said is true and/ or makes the most sense. unless someone can share some some intelligent insight instead of insult on what i said and how it was sexist and/or wrong. i have nothing further to add.

HammadTheBeast1885d ago

Wait.... if a women wears less clothes in a video game, she's more likely to accept rape....


coolbeans1885d ago

No, more likely to accept rape myths.

"Bailenson and Fox folded rape myths such as "in the majority of rapes, the victim is promiscuous or has a bad reputation" into the questionnaire. Participants rated how much they agreed or disagreed with the statements..." etc.

beebap1885d ago

Oh my god that ... what .. weird article and if real study seriously what... no i think finding r crap.

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