Saints Row given 4xAA for standard-def

THQ and Volition have released a new auto-update for Saints Row - fixes some multiplayer issues and adds 4xAA and V-Sync.

The new update will download and install when you next load up the game, and according to Volition should fix up all the lag problems players have been experiencing. There are also fixes for several known exploits, including clothes stealing.

If you're someone who has been making use of some of the fixed exploits then you'll be sad to hear that you won't be able to play online again until the update is installed, so you better say goodbye to your days of clothes stealing.

Also with the update comes some new in-game visual enhancements and tweaks. For 480i and 480p modes, the game has been patched to run with 4xAA instead of the usual 2xAA, so you should notice less jagged edges. There's also a new option to enable v-sync in both cutscenes and gameplay. This should eliminate screen tearing, but will have a detrimental affect on the frame rate - it's your choice.

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THWIP4460d ago

Give it up guys....make Red Faction 3, or close up shop.

TheMART4460d ago

Haha you should play it, nothing out there like this at the moment!

THWIP4460d ago

GTA:SA is 10x better, and 100x deeper.

OutLaw4460d ago

You're right this game is fantastic I'm glad that I bought it.

Funky Town_TX4460d ago

GTA series has been out forever. They have had time to revamp and make new ideas. SR is new. Maybe when they get to the 2nd version then they will have more stuff.

Cyclonus4460d ago

Playing with V-sync turned on is great. And despite the warning about it affecting framerates, I haven't noticed much of a difference.

Every game with tearing probs should have this option.

THWIP4460d ago

Tearing, clipping, Sam getting stuck on objects, or in a crouched position.....not to mention the suck-ass swimming controls and crappy A.I.

BenzMoney4460d ago

I haven't had a single issue with clipping, tearing, Sam getting stuck anywhere OR bad AI in SC:DA. I've played through the entire game on hard and enjoyed every second of it. You're either full of it, or there's something wrong with your copy.

THWIP4460d ago

I doubt it was a "bad copy" either, because those aren't something that can be caused by the disc printing process. You likely just didn't notice, or got lucky; if you visit the UBISOFT forums, you'll see how many people are pissed about the game.

dantesparda4460d ago

THWIP he's a ignoramus, he doesnt know what "tearing" is. He (THWIP) is talking about "vertical tearing" the artifact you get when you shut off V-Sync. And I have been complaining about this (and many other technical issue I've had with the system) since it first came out. And TheMART, is there any 360 that you dont think is good? Im from the hood and these kind of games and movies are just coming of as cheesy to me now-a-days

TheMART4460d ago

Ofcourse there are games that suck hard. But I've seen more on last gen system then on the 360.

One that wasn't my kind of game is The Outfit and PDZ. But some people found the gameplay from one of them or both great...

But well. For the most the games are good, also seen the constantly high scores of them. I haven't seen many getting low marks, did you?

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DC RID3R4460d ago

BAD-BOY game!!!!!!!!! standard

the only MAJOR flaw it had was to do with the laggy online debacle(waiting in the lobby for 15mins just for a game)!!!

apart from that, (and not being able to get on any bikes) the games SIK!!!!
the soundtrack alone gives you goosebumps!!!

THAMMER- when your back on SR holla bro!!!!